Jim Rogers on CNBC

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  1. When asked by Bill Griffith what U.S. stock he would buy right now . . . Rogers stumbled and bumbled his way to not being able to give ONE single name!

    And this guy trades for a living???

    He says that he is a big bull on commodities and yet he can't name ONE single commodity, energy, or basic material stock from the U.S.???

    I still say that he is "retired" and doesn't do any trading whatsoever.
  2. Are you a moron? Rogers doesn't like US Stocks. It's really that simple and why he couldn't name one, he doesn't want any of those pieces of junk!
  3. So he's not a buyer in a bear market. Maybe he thinks there'll be better buys in the future. ... what's the problem?
  4. Daal


    hes loading up on RJA, if thats not a bear market then I dont know what is
  5. what stocks are available on the cayman island exchange?

    oh, just laundry stocks, yeah, forgot about all those banks there.....:mad:
  6. What is wrong with your reading comprehension?

    He says he is a BULL on commodities and he can't buy any of the beaten down coal stocks, energy names, nat-gas companies, drillers, etc.???

    Go figure.
  7. One can be a bull on commodities and not bullish on commodity company stocks. There is a difference.

    And as far a him being a trader, he fully admits that he is not a good trader. However, nobody can deny that he was spot on with the commodity bull market AND the bear market in financials. He was years ahead of these and everyone said he was crazy.
  8. Agreed.

    But if you saw the "interview" on CNBC you would have noticed the "tone" of Rogers and how he was completely stumped by the question!

    Doesn't sound like someone that is involved in the equity markets whatsoever.
  9. He has always been a commodities trader. I don't know if he was ever an equities trader. I am the same. I never trade stocks, plenty of futures out there to keep me busy.
  10. Hmmm, now that I think of it, since he has an interest in a commodity ETF with his name on it, it would probably not be smart of him to say that he's bearish on commodities. He might even get ousted, sued or something along those lines for promoting a commodity etf and yet at the same time proclaim bearishness on commodities. That might explain his perpetual bullishness on commodities.
    At the very least there's *some* conflict of interest.
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