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    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke should resign and the Fed should be abolished as a way to boost the falling dollar and speed up the recovery of the U.S. economy, investor Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Europe Wednesday.

    video in the article,

    He says everything perfectly, agree with 100% of what he says,

    He says it will cost you more to prevent a recession then to actually have one, he says recessions are good.....he says there will be a worse recession in the end trying to prevent it.

  2. You have stated that you do not TRADE for a living.

    May I ask what you do for a living that allows you to post over 10 times a day on a website such as this?
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    Thanks for the clip.

    I listen closely to Rogers - he's on the ball about everything.
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    Why is that of any concern to you?
  5. He is a busy body.

  7. Good stuff, he makes alot of since. The fed is freaking out about the stock market. So many folks about to retire with money in the market. They need the markets to keep going up so these folks don't put a strain on the system thats my guess.

    But they will do more harm then good in the end.
  8. It's a pretty simple question.

    Especially when many people here on ET read post after post of his in the TRADING FORUM and yet he admittedly does not trade for a living.
  9. I've been preaching the same thing for at least a year. Let the market take its course instead of murdering the dollar, and inflating the shit out of commodities.
  10. Ha! :D

    The Fed and the Republicans are only trying to prop this market up until the election! This is just an expensive gift for McCain.

    Then we can all eat dirt as far as they are concerned.
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