Jim Rogers on Bloomberg

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  2. good clip, thanks. Jim Rogers is always an interesting listen. Some of the questions were a little hard to understand but otherwise informative. He said he is selling any rally in USD this year and divesting all his dollar denominated currency holdings (except commodities, etc).

    If there was a sharp rally in USD this year what do you folks think it would look like? 5% 10% 15%+?? The rally in 2005 was over 15% so I guess that is not out of the question if a rally did take off.
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    he is not always right but when he is its a home run, his ag etf handed a nice paycheck today :D
  4. Jim Rogers appears to have a pretty tight grip on whats going on.

    There is a reason why he has the money he does and it isnt from playing the lotto.

    I kinda wish he was wrong cause I don't want to have to explain to my boys that their future was pissed away by idiots at the state capital and DC.

    Its gonna suck to have to send them to another country so that they can see how the free market works with less taxes and regualtions and government handouts.

    Singapore does not have unemployment insurance like we do or a minimum wage. No tax on capital gains. I wonder what it would be like to live in a free market economy?????

    I guess Jim Rogers is finding out
  5. this man is brilliant, and classy to boot. always informative to listen to him talk, i just wish i knew some of the resources he used to form his opinions...
  6. Great interview, thanks for posting!

    Ron Paul/Jim Rogers '08! (I wish...)
  7. Wow, Paul and Rogers. what a wining combo.

    Cant expect a consumer nation that lives from paycheck to paycheck even though they grew up in america to have the brains to figure out the credit card bill WILL have to get paid someday.......
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    This is sad...

    Why no one listen to Jim and Ron? They are all telling the truth? Look at everything else vs US dollar.

    He is correct that no leading cannidates are talking about this issue at all.

    :( :( :( :( :(
  9. No capital gains tax, No worldwide taxation and estate duty has just been abolished......