Jim Rogers, not so bright?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Dec 12, 2006.

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    what does brillant mean?

    what does terrible mean?

    not so bright? im refraining from insulting you.
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    Also shouldn't you WAIT until the prediction's time plays out before JUDGING them???
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    That interview was in dec 1995
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    In that case he must have played his brilliant predictions, because he is just fine, enjoying life to its fullest, doing whatever he likes the best and having a few ten millions just for rainy days...
  6. he has made ridiciously stupid and also brilliant predictions in the past.

    One thing is which is complete bs in this interview is that looking back he should have gone to Beijing to school, not Oxford.

    In the retrospect its easy to say things like that, but without going to Oxford he would never be where he is now.
  7. When you are an Iconoclast who cant help but think outside the box...
    And have a "play the long-term, longshot" mentality...
    You will be very right... and very wrong a lot.

    I have the short-term, high percentage mentality of a scalper...
    So the actual information Rogers pushes is useless to me...
    But to just watch ** how he thinks *** against the grain...
    Should be valuable for most...
    Especially in a day trading culture...
    That is herd/trend follow off-the-cliff-together-now...
    And believe-any-idoit-salesman uncritical.
  8. Quote from Daal:

    That interview was in dec 1995

    Odd that an interview was given while promoting a book that wasn't published until 2004. Talk about prediction and forecasting. The interview was in the beginning of 2005.

    Jim was and will most likely continue to be one of the wiser men involved in the markets of the worlds economies. While he may make mistakes, who doesn't? His beginnings to where he is today financially, are probably greater than the majority of those of us who would belittle his ideas.

    Instead of finding what one would determine to border on ridiculous or unreasonable prognostication, why not seek to learn from what he did right as well?

    Good Day and Good Trading!

  9. anyone who buys a home in nyc for under 100 K in the 1970's
    and can possibly sell it in 2006 for close to 15 M is brilliant ~

    I wonder if Jim is selling his wine collection too !

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    he's macro- takes years for his calls to play out.

    and what- he's not allowed to have any losers.

    this gameis just probabilities, whether your trading 1min charts or 1yr charts. should we riducle your losing trades and dismiss your winning calls as lucky?

    if he is right more often than he is wrong, and his right calls result in larger multiplier of your bet than his wrong calls, then why wouldnt you be interested in what he has to say.

    plus the adjectives you use to describe his calls are very subjective.

    think u need an nlp session to work out your anger and ego issues.
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