Jim Rogers' new book: A Bull in China

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    If the twentieth century was the American century, then the twenty-first century belongs to China. Now the one and only Jim Rogers shows how any investor can get in on the ground floor of “the greatest economic boom since England’s Industrial Revolution.”

    In this indispensable new book, one of the world’s most successful investors, Jim Rogers, brings his unerring investment acumen to bear on this huge and unruly land now being opened to the world and exploding in potential.

    No other book–and no other author–can better help you benefit from the new Chinese revolution. Jim Rogers shows you how to make the “amazing energy, potential, and entrepreneurial spirit of a billion people” work for you.

    Speaking Engagements


    Tuesday, December 4

    Book talk followed by Q&A and signing


    555 Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center

    New York. New York 10017

  2. Tom631


    I just might go to that book signing. Are you him?
  3. Retired


    No, I am not Jim. You can also watch him on CNBC before the book release:

    Tuesday Nov. 20, 2007
    Maria Bartiromo
    3:00pm ET

    Monday, Dec. 3, 2007
    Kudlow & Company
    5:30-6:30pm ET
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    Jim foretold about China's bull market many years ago and he's very active investing in Chinese stocks today. But just like investing in any other market, one needs to time the market carefully for entries and exits.
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    Around the time Jim Rogers last book came out I was a newbie and someone I know gave me Jim's e-mail address; I sent him an email which did not even make sense as I look back on it. He, however, was so kind to me by responding and explaining how and why I was wrong. I owe my career to him and trade futures because he woke me up to them when I was a newbie.

    I look forward to reading this new book.
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    I finished Investment Biker a few weeks ago and through out that book he talks of how China will be the place to be.