jim rogers made the call

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    jim rogers warned of the contagion effect of the housing debacle. he is certainly one of the great investors of our generation who generously shares his view with the public.

    the typical response on this board


    07-05-07 12:35 AM

    another broken clock overrated prognosticator

    is there anything left to be said. (zdreg)"

    please do not hesitate to post some of the other posts from the Jim Roger's detractors. we all need a good laugh.
  2. Rogers is a smart cookie, make no mistake about it. I also remember how he preached getting out of emerging market stocks just like 2-3 months ago. He said too much leveraged longs in the market, he would get back in once the longs got hammered.
  3. I guess you all know that you can email him and he will answer your questions.
  4. I like and respect JR but the truth is he's called 17 of the last three market breaks.