Jim Rogers is VERY SHORT as of 3/17 VIDEO

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  2. Jim Rogers is going to show us how its done in top calling.
  3. he can withstand 5000 points rise with his capital, can you do it?
  4. The funny part is no one really knows if he runs a fund or a TDAmeritrade account with a few grand. His main business is not stock trading, but selling financial products and services. He got smart and joined the ranks of the touts and shills who are the ones who really make money in this game, however, he is still the ultimate top and bottom caller.
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    do your homework and u will be able to answer the question.
  6. one thing Jimmy boy forgot in all of his ramblings.....

    Rule #1:

    Never bet against the Fed....
  7. I did do my homework. He runs these index funds and like I said he is now in the ranks of touts and shills. Im not sure if he manages money at all. Probably a TD Ameritrade account with a few thousand.;)
  8. I wanted to add that Ive never seen a Rogers video where he went long on stocks. He always seems to be shorting something and when he does go long it always seems to be Gold.
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    he is always long beer and bank stocks in some emerging market.
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    Hope he is right, I finally sold shares of UWM after holding on for quite sometime. Sold today at $44.00. Little over a 10% profit. Will buy them back under $40.00 until then market is too overbought to go long anything.
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