Jim Rogers is buying more Chinese shares

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  1. April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Investor Jim Rogers is buying Chinese shares, among the world's worst performers this year, as the market has bottomed, and he's focusing on agriculture, tourism, airlines and education.

    ``All my new money goes to commodities and China,'' said Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum fund with George Soros in the 1970s and correctly predicted the start of the commodities boom in 1999. He spoke at a seminar in Beijing yesterday.

    ``All the panic looks like a bottom,'' he said. ``I have bought in the last four to five weeks. I've been buying shares in China for the first time in a long time.''

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    FXP anyone.....

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  3. How about a pu-pu platter?
  4. Why not put more into shorting investment banks, Citigroup and Fannie Mae? Didn't he say he would aggressively increase that bet if they bounced?
  5. Jim Rogers vocabular ends with the expression "bounce" regarding bank stocks ....:D :D :D