Jim Rogers: "Inflation is 6-7% in the US"

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  2. LOL no doubt. I don't know where he shops, but I have not noticed price increases in Ontario where I live. I love the "government lies about everything" crowd.
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    Funny how a rich guy living in Singapore wants to tell others how domestic prices in the US are behaving
  4. If inflation was 7% over the last 10 years then GDP would have contracted 4-5% annualized over the last 10 years. Real GDP would be down a whopping 33% since 1999. Real GDP per capita would be down something like 45% over the same timeframe, assuming 1% population growth LOL

    Obviously, Rogers is a complete nutcase.
  5. no inflation? on top of a 20% increase in health insurance i got this bit of news yesterday:

    Black Hills Power looks to increase rates by more than 25 percent
    By Kevin Woster | Thursday, October 01, 2009
  6. He should be "caned". :cool:
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    If you were to listen to the average mises.org reader you would think no human progress has happened ever since Bretton Woods was signed
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    Exactly. These guys crack me up.

    Do they really believe that if Ron Paul waived a wand and made the FED disappear, that magically, the world would be 10x better and the streets of America would be plated with gold? I guess we all would eat steak and lobster for breakfast and live to be 150 y/o if the damn FED would just quit stealing our money

  9. They just want the rich cocksuckers who own the banks next to them in the souplines.

    Level the playfield.:)
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    All I know is my food and health care costs continue to rise. 6-7% sounds like an underestimate at this point.
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