Jim Rogers Hosting CNBC World Sunday Night

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  1. He's doing CNBC Asia. Interesting show so far especially if you are interested in Asian markets or commods.
  2. Was it a one shot deal or has he picked up a gig?
  3. Hi Blue. He was just doing that one show.

    He was still bullish on basically all commods, farmland real esate especially in the US mid west, small Asian markets such as Viet Nam...

    He was quite a bit more skeptical on India and commodity producers especially the gold miners but I'm not sure I got that right. What I think he was saying was buy the physical instead of stocks because a lot of these miners might fold for financial reasons or run out and at least you would have the gold or its value. Also he cited a Yale finance study that physical had out performed stock by a significant amount since WW2. He doesn't think US stock markets are going anywhere for a long time and dollar down.

    He did not discuss his mess with the funds and Refco.

  4. He has said he doesn't favor gold per se because there is a glut of physical gold and the central banks can always dump quanties on your a** at will.

    He also cites all the crazy gold bugs - makes him feel gold always already gets too much attention. Better to buy more obscure, i.e. less traditional (for the layman) commodities. He still thinks mom-n-pop will pile into commodities at the top just as they did with Nasdaq stocks.
  5. He's a weird dude
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    Rogers is absolutely delusional. Investable commodities have been in a huge bear market since 2008 and Rogers has been bullish throughout the last 7 years! Not even once he has admitted commodities crashed and are in for a long period of pain. Each and every time he was interviewed over the last 7 years he claimed "commodities will go through the roof!!!" and "commodities are in a long term bull cycle".

    I am surprised people are still listening to this clown. He's no better than the tech analysts who kept screaming "buy buy buy" all the way down in the tech bust 2000-2002.
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    I'm not sure anybody is other than the guy who necromanced this almost ten-year-old thread. :rolleyes:
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    Considering Rogers had those opinions in 2006 and many commodity markets topped in 2011/2012, he was very right. My style of trading is exactly how he trades, although in his stock opinions he if often early. I been trading extremes, finding tops and bottoms, since 1994 and never did well before that time in commodities.
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    Investable commodity indexes topped 2007, not 2011/2012. Rogers himself touted buying commodity future index linked ETFs -- investable commodities. And they're in a gigantic bear market since 2007, down a whopping 65% from their peak.

    Listen to Rogers now, he will STILL tell you it's a temporary blip and the turnaround is right ahead. Just like the tech stock gurus did in 2001/2002 LOL
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    I agree that he sounds like a broken record, but the problem with Rogers is that he is super long term and most people can't handle the amount of heat he is willing to take. Plus, he is probably trading in and out of stuff all the time and he doesn't bother to mention his allocation levels. It would be interesting to see his track record with his personal funds during this commodity bust.
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