Jim Rogers daughter no longer client of UBS

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  2. LOL that's funny. I saw an interviews a couple weeks ago where he said he has spread his money around 3 brokers world wide but refused to name them. I guess UBS was one of them.
  3. Rabobank is probably one of the others as he has stated before they will be one of the banks that will shine.

    HSBC also? They are pretty safe.

    Thanks for the video btw.
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    Guy is a joke

    Fund Spotlight
    UBS – <Rogers
    Interna tional
    Commodity Index®>
    Swiss edition
    Fund characteristics
    Fund name: UBS (Lux) Structured Sicav – <Rogers
    International Commodity Index®> (USD/EUR/CHF)B

    Markets his funds through UBS
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    UBS to turn over records for an estimated 52000 US customers who allegedly violated American tax laws

    daughter's account
    swiss account
    tax cheats
    jimmy boy?

  6. Didn't the Swiss government say, "Up Yours, IRS".. and have since refused to cooperate?
  7. At the end of the interview he tries to make a point saying if he showed you statements showing a networth of 10 million you wouldnt believe him.

    I guess he was only pulling a figure out the air, but perhaps that was a unintened slip and he really isnt even worth that...