Jim Rogers: China stocks could double this year

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  1. I honestly think he's lost his mind.

    Does he honestly think the U.S. can crash without dragging down every other nations' economies?

    We're the biggest debtor and importer, bar none, the world has ever seen.

    We are the consumer engine of the world.

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  2. Didn't he make his first billion or close to it in his 30s and then he retired?
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  3. More from Jimmy...

    March 30 (Bloomberg) -- China, which holds more than $1 trillion in international reserves, should spend some of those funds to build strategic stockpiles of cotton, wheat and oil and halt purchases of U.S. Treasuries, investor Jim Rogers said.

    ``If I were China, I'd be putting money in something more productive, or more strategic things such as wheat, that they might need in a problem or crisis,'' Rogers said yesterday. ``I would certainly stop buying U.S. government bonds.''

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  4. I dunno. All I know is that I see his name mentioned and he usually is saying what to buy but I never see anything come of it. All I know is I have read that him and Soros the cat did something together years ago so I am just wondering if he is a one trick pony..

    And I know he wrote a few books..Investor hells angels or something :D

    If he is a billionaire, then guess he has the right to say what he wants regarding investments.
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  5. blast19


    Same here. Telling bankers and investors to go home and dump all of their bonds...maybe the commies brainwashed him. :D
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