Jim Rogers: China stocks could double this year

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  1. "I would urge you to go home and sell all your bonds. I know some of you are bond managers. I would go home and get another job," he told a Hong Kong business audience.

    He later told reporters that the most promising commodities were agricultural products.

    "Oil is going to go much higher over the next few years, but in the meantime there's more money to be made in cotton, or sugar or coffee or some of the other things," he said.

    He reiterated past calls that the dollar will eventually plunge in value and that the euro will disappear within 15 to 20 years.

    He also told the audience that if he were in charge of the U.S. Federal Reserve he would abolish the central bank and let market set the level of interest rates.

    "America's had three central banks in our history. The first two failed. In my view this one is going to fail too," he said.

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    It's like they hired an insane person to come out and give them reason to buy more!
  3. He moved to China and holds boat load of Chinese stocks. Do you expect he would bad mouth his holdings?
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    No, but the going home and selling your bonds line sounds like a commercial. Is he some sort of market superhero or something?

    He really sounds like a madman there. He might be right...but he sounds like he's off his rocker.
  5. 100% UP ROOM TO GO!! $$
  6. He might ponder doing just that! he owns the shares with which to write the call option against,add a put option using the call option premium and voila a formula for more money in his jeans. Got to love a win win situation eh!:)
  7. He has turned into Colonel Walter E. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now.

    Maybe he's right, though.

  8. Hang Seng up to new highs again!
  9. I have a question. What is Jim Rogers track record regarding his statements/predictions?

    Is he really a money making genius or would he be a total nobody if it wasn't for his stint with Soros?
  10. He WAS a money making genius. Another "Livermore past him prime"???

    oh well, with a few hundred millions in the bank, he can say what ever he wants, it's not like he will ever get a wipe out.
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