Jim Rogers: China stocks are overvalued

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  1. SHANGHAI - Jim Rogers, a prominent US fund manager, has fueled concern about a bull run in China's stock market, analysts said, by suggesting in a TV interview this week that stocks may have become overvalued.

    Commodities investment guru Jim Rogers (R) and wife Paige Parker pose in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata in this February 20, 2001 file photo. [Reuters]
    Long a prominent China bull, Rogers told China's state-run CCTV in an interview on Wednesday there were signs that the market was overheated and this may not be the best time to buy stocks.

  2. then why is Jim R moving to China ?

  3. My research suggest that indeed a correction is in the off wing. Not just for the Chinese market but worldwide....

    Will see..
  4. He can live anywhere he wants.
  5. Prophecy?
  6. Iowegian


    He says in his book, Hot Commodities, that he expects pullbacks in China but the future is there. He's teaching his infant Chinese.