Jim Roger's Boss (Bruce Springsteen)

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  1. Tucsonan toured with Bruce Springsteen
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    Elaine Raines

    In 1984, Michael Zarembski mailed 113 postcards to MTV to win a weeklong road trip for two with the Boss. Luckily for his best friend, Jim Rogers, a student at the UA, Rogers was asked to join the trip.

    Rogers, a senior majoring in accounting finance, discussed his touring experience with a Star reporter. He said on their first night out with the group, Springsteen told them “There’s a phone down the hall, I want you to call your mamas and daddies and tell them you ain’t never coming home.”

    1984 photo
    Zarembski, Springsteen and Rogers

    The pair worked with the crew, setting up the lights and rigging the stage before concerts. Springsteen would check in to make sure they weren’t working too hard. Rogers said backstage was very businesslike, but onstage was a different story. It was all entertainment.

    After the concerts, Rogers and Zarembski would hang out with the crew and go bar-hopping. Rogers noted that it wasn’t always easy convincing the girls they met that they were really touring with Springsteen. The band members rarely joined them on their post-concert.

    Rogers said one of the big surprises of the tour was when Springsteen showed up in sweats and a baseball cap at the Cornhusker’s Inn in Nebraska. It was very rare to see the rock star in anything but his Levi’s, T-shirt and headband.

    Jim Rogers and Michael Zarembski with Bruce Springsteen.


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