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  1. Good news for all of us Jim Rogers fans. I've just discovered he has a blog:


    Get free advice from the world's top investment guru!

    This is no substitute for the endless insights from ET's trading community, of course.

    But definitely worth looking at. I don't think Jim Rogers is a paper trader :D like some members of the ET community . . . :D

    A great read, especially when he make say what he ACTUALLY buy!
  2. A few years ago, Rogers had his own site and I use to email him regularly and he would always reply.

    Maybe its still out there so perhaps you should look for it. After all it comes straight from the horses mouth.

  3. weird because 4-6 months ago he was on Bloomberg making fun of all the websites that pretend to be him, when he had no website at the time..
  4. Before he got kicked off of cnbc for calling kudlow a liar, he said he was short the q's.

    Well the q's kept going up so I asked him if he had covered his position and he said he had.

    So I asked him why he hadn't used a technical indicator as a trigger before he shorted the q's and he answered that he'd never thought of it at the time but the next time he would.

    With those answers, it would never have occurred to me that the guy answering me was an imposter.
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    This is NOT his blog:

    " Unofficial Editing of Jim Rogers Media Appearances and Investment Commentary Worldwide"

    Still a great site to have all his commentary in one place.
  6. Be careful! There are a lot of people claiming to be Jim Rogers these days (including several types on this forum). Needless to say, you can't rely on their investment advice.

    Do your due diligence. Try to verify if the person you're communicating with really is Jim Rogers, the "investment Jim Rogers", not any other Jim Rogers, or simply some anonymous scammer, claiming to be Jim Rogers.

    I mean, technically, a person can, in fact, be "Jim Rogers". But he or she may be trying to create the impression that he is THE Jim Rogers, and try to fool other people.

    I think the test is simple. If the advice is good, it originated from the original "investment Jim Rogers".

    In any event, the word combination "Jim Rogers" should never - I repeat NEVER - trigger a trade automatically. ALWAYS use your own judgment when making a trade.
  7. Jim Rogers – good blog, the posts are short and insightful. I happen to know Jim personally, he’s always been generous in sharing his investment ideas with other people, long before the Internet era :) Constantly searching for new investment ideas and opportunities worldwide . . .

    Some of the other ones I read regularly are:



    Interesting stuff.

    Does anyone know if Michael Cavel has a blog about the history of the turtle movement?

    I would be interested in getting a deeper understanding of how exactly the turtle movement was born. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this. I’d like to get the facts straight. What was the other turtles’ role in all this? This just makes you wonder . .. In any event, I’ve read Cavel’s book with great interest.

    By the way, I’m a little disappointed Dr Steenbarger does not have a blog. He should start one, definitely!

    Great forum, by the way!
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  9. if we're talking about the pundit that appears on CNBC and is fabulously wealthy?

    then has anyone noticed how unpopular and depressing his rants over the US is going down, speech really are?
  10. They are depressing allright, but so are current economic statistics and the plight of the dollar. He harped on it long enough that it finally came true!:D
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