Jim Rogers: Another Recession Due Circa 2012

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  1. so basically hold on to your longs until mid 2011 since the market is supposedly looking ahead 6-8 months
  2. Jim Rogers: "I am glad you remember, every once in a while I do get it right, hehe... I own the Euro, I am not selling the Euro, I have no clue how it is going to work out"
  3. LeeD


    The timing of him buying Euro some weeks ago was exceptionally good.
  4. Yes, for a person who has "no clue how it is going to work out", he is exceptional or at least has exceptional followers.
  5. let's be honest, jim rogers is the contrarian jim cramer. nothing more.
  6. drcha


    Don't forget he is buying silver, too, and obviously getting nowhere with that. He is such an evasive blowhard.
  7. Retief


    What does Rogers get out of making these public pronouncements? Is it just an ego thing?
  8. sumfuka


    He is a hedge fund market maker, so he has to go on tv every now and then to get some suckers or investors on board.
  9. drcha


    When referring to Rogers, you should spell Ego with a capital E. Possibly a capital G and O also.

    Have you ever noticed how he answers nearly every interview question by beginning with "Well, I don't know...." then proceeds to jaw on about whatever it is anyway.
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