Jim Paul's Book

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  1. Jim Paul's book "What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars" is available for sale from traderspress for US$49.95.:)
  2. Interesting. I remember this book going for several hundred dollars on Amazon a few months ago due to the scarcity. How many books are being printed?
  3. not sure how many will be reprinted

    btw, you've got a pretty "attractive" user name:)
  4. I know... I was going to start a new thread for a question I had about my problem of increasing my trade size.... then realized nobody would take me serious with this username and that question. :(
  5. Trader50


    great book
  6. The Book is now available for sale at amazon @ US39.95.:)
  7. Never read the book, but he had to screw-up on one of the following. Since, its all that's required for consistantly profitable trading.

    1. correct market analysis

    2. method matched to market analysis

    3. Discipline to follow method

    So, which one did he screw-up on.
  8. no pre-determined non-emotional trading plan before entry, imho