Jim "never had a losing trade" Rogers finally exposed on Bloomberg

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Watch Betty finally pull down the curtain on Rogers, at around 10:30 into the video.

    Betty: "You have said you were shorting treasuries before, have you covered any of those shorts, since they have gone up since?"
    Jim: "No, no, I have been shorting them for the last two weeks, they have been going down for the last two weeks"
    Betty: "But you have told me you were shorting treasuries months ago?"
    Jim: "Treasuries I was shorting months ago?"
    Betty: "Yes!"
    Jim: "Oh no no no, ah!!! I was, ah the TLT yes yes yes!!!! No no, they haven't gone up!! No No No I have been making money on my shorts!!!!!!"

    So funny to watch Rogers panic as he start stuttering and trying to explain on how he made money shorting TLT (which pays monthly dividends!) over the last couple of months. I remember seeing him on Bloomberg last July proclaiming how he shorts long term US bonds and how they can only go down.

    What's so hard in admitting he lost money on the trade?
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    lol this is hilarious
  3. asap


    He didn't.

    He doesn't trade really.

    He already admitted on TV that he doesnt know what is his portfolio performance year-to-date, because he doesn't <b>track it</b>. :D

    That's why he didn't <b>"remember"</b> that was short treasuries for the last three months.

    a very pathetic yet hilarious clown. :p
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    never had a losing trade?what about shorting Live T-rex futures 89 million years ago :p
  5. I couldnt watch it psat 7 minutes. Does this guy realize how much of a clown he is? absolute gibberish, the whole lot of it!!
  6. Well here it is folks.......

    Has anyone seen verification of Roger's personal statements ?

    Does anyone have a right to see them ?

    Has Rogers ever sold books ?

    Has Rogers ever been paid for speaking engagements ?

    So really......Does anyone really know if Rogers has really traded like he talks?


    This is a very simple issue..............

    Anyone ever heard of the internet ?

    Perhaps there should be some sort of central Wiki database whereby those that choose to, can submit their audited returns....

    Therefore there comes a class of pundits that may deserve....just a little more attention than others......

    In other words....one could assume that if a pundit chooses not to be on the list......perhaps they should not be given much consideration.....

    Then perhaps one may know whether or not the goal is to sell books with current validity......

    The word current is very important....as what worked years ago.....may no longer be valid.....
  7. So many people here on ET think that he is the "greatest" . . . but as I have been saying for quite some time . . . in my opinion, he doesn't trade. His interviews in front of the financial television media are quite telling . . . as is THIS one on Bloomberg.

    His name is used to market a commodity fund and index, IN NAME ONLY.

    End of story.
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    Just like Trump.
  9. I've always agreed bro. He's a tool. For TWENTY YEARS he's been "short" Treasuries. Yea righhhht.....