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  1. Hi All,

    After watching Jim Dalton's excellent "Field of Vision" about 20 times I pretty know it by heart, so am going to sell it on to another trader looking to expand their market knowledge.

    As many of you will know, Jim is one of the leading educators of Market Profile.

    I've listed it on my Ebay page here,


    It's a 4 DVD set with a 128 page color booklet.

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    I would rather you explain Dalton's work , than sell it here.
    I feel this site should / must be used for the benefit for all
    for free.
    Not trying to bring down your enlightenment here, but lets
    be productive for all and just for your self. !
    Peace mon.!
  3. Greg,

    Jim Dalton's books are there for all to purchase. He's pretty much THE author on Market Profile. The "field of vision" package is supplemental to the books he has published. An extension if you wish.

    I can't possibly explain 6.5 hours of Jim on DVD.

    All I do is offer them to others if they are interested in this area ( at significantly less money than I paid). You may very well ignore the post if you wish!

    Good luck.
  4. Has it helped your trading?
  5. Yes. But I use Market Profile A LOT.

    If you don't then it will be of little interest to you. If you do, then it's a great addition to Jim's books (which I rate).
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    I disagree with you. In fact, I've been employing dalton's concepts for the last 5 years very successfully without any profile. The information that one would normally construe from a 30 minute pit session profile, I get the same info from a 30 minute bar chart that includes the overnight session. Remember, Jim said that one of the most important qualities to have as a trader is imagination so that one can envision the most important prospective daytime references for the current trading day. As a matter of fact it is not necessary for anyone to get the tapes in order to trade by way the methods that dalton teaches. He/she just needs to go on his sight, read all the material, read Markets In Profile, sign up for the free delayed market updates and practice, practice, practice. That's what I did.
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    Isn't all of that available free in a torrent somewhere?. I'm sure it is.
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