Jim Cramers Top Stocks of the Year 2007

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  1. Rite-Aid!!!
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  2. Level III!!!
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  3. NYX!!!
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  4. there is still one day to go...

    jim also promised us a nice rally into the year end a month ago, i believe.

    Tomorrow is the Day!
  5. Div_Arb


    I have kept my eye on LVLT all year due to his "top pick of 2007". I just couldn;t believe the guy vehemently stood behind one of the biggest piece of crap stocks listed in the US. It will be interesting to see how/if he reflects on his top picks for 2007 - they sucked!

    I watched this show for a little while, but haven't really tuned in for much of 2007. Cramer's ratings as of late probably look like RAD's price chart.
  6. I will give Jim some credit and I believe he did say that Haliburton&Apple were two great buys. He was right....However, the mentality of most of his viewership probably would have piled into RAD and LVLT as they were single digit stocks with the thinking that they would have tripled and quadrupled by year end.

    I did see him on CNBC once where he was asked which stock would he go "all in" on and he stated NYX. He pumped NYX all year long with such a confidence and only recently relented.

    He should have just stuck with Apple and Haliburton, the old favorites.
  7. dsq


    CROX....while it duid have nice gains for a while cramer mindlessly was pounding the table on this extremely volatile stock as a buy into their catastrophic earnings report where it got HALVED.Yes he was screaming for everyone to buy it everyday in the last week up til the day of earnings...How he could do this on a fad stock is unbeleivable-until you see he did the same thing immediately after with under armor(another fad stock) and which got nicely pummeled on their earnings report as well...Highly irresponsible and negligent.

    I have seen cramer do this over and over.And while he does have good picks he is hopelessly blind to his high risk garbage stocks.That he can recommend GS and CROX with the same enthusiasm is disturbing and is a sign that he is really just a gambling addict.I mean why does he not just stick with his good companies and stop following fad garbage that always blows ups?RAD, crox ua,lvlt are all junk companies with no history or dark history.Nobody who is an investor or preaches safe investing should ever think about owning garbage like that.Those are hi spec plays yet he pushes them as investments.
    He doesnt practice what he preaches "STOP TRADING"?
  8. gaj


    that mentality is brought upon by none other than cramer, who espouses doubling down on stocks which have gone down in value, and selling off winners.

    he doesn't use stops, either.

    actually, overall, the performance of his best of 07 was fine. i think they were up as a cost-weighted group 10%. but if you made ANY deviation from straight buy/hold - in other words, buying more as the stocks went down (like RAD, LVLT, NYX) and sold as others went up (AAPL) WHICH IS WHAT CRAMER TEACHES - you'd have significantly UNDErperformed the S&P.
  9. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Does anyone have a list of his top picks for 2007? Or a summary of how they've done?
  10. gaj


    sure, cashonly. i logged it earlier this year:

    (quote from earlier post)
    for future reference. all prices are the day AFTER mention.
    open / close / (avg high/low)

    MO 87.49 / 87.65 / 87.31
    GS 200.22 / 198.85 / 199.37
    HAL 29.87 / 29.23 / 29.545

    NYX 97.22 / 102.39 / 99.875
    AAPL 85.77 / 85.05 / 85.30
    CSCO 28.44 / 28.47 / 28.31

    LVLT 6.18 / 6.08 / 6.095
    RAD 5.85 / 5.75 / 5.74
    SVNT 12.45 / 12.74 / 12.605

    about a week or 2 ago, i did a rough calculation of current price vs those, if you did the same dollar amount for each stock. that's how i got the up 10%, but the number could be off...i was doing it very quickly.
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