Jim Cramer's Accuracy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by greenery, Sep 4, 2011.

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    This is a hotly debated issue since the guy is so high visibility. Anyway, I found a site that actually follows and tracks all these guys and Cramer is one of them. I won't spoil it for you and I'll let you discover his hit % yourself. For fun you can take a guess before you look :)

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  3. No surprise there. Cramer is the poster boy for "how to make a quick u-turn"

    Says one thing, then a few weeks later tells everybody to head the other way.

    And the people that follow him must be dizzy by now...
  4. Yea.. sometimes I watch the guy.. but NEVER for a tip... more for a different prospective.

    Remember, just cuz he says he is long the position in his trust account doesn't mean he is not shorting it in another.
  5. пидарас он корнченный ваш крамер.......