Jim Cramer

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  1. is there a better high-profile Trader's trader out there?

    he's the real deal on CNBC. prob the ONLY real deal
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    What are you smoking? He has made one bad call after another, year after year. When you sober up, take a look at the chart for SHLD. He has been relentlessly bullish on SHLD since Mad Money first aired. The list of bad picks goes on and on.

    Prepare to get FLAMED.
  3. Can this get moved to chit chat? Seriously, this has nothing to do with Trade Mangement.
  4. Just ban the OP for being a dildo.
  5. i'm just saying this guy has been there, and back. couple of times. He's been around the block, (he's got MARATHON runner longevity!) he's knows the game. he shoots from the hip!
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    It's sad that you're not kidding ... :(

    Cramer's true love is the sound of his own voice. He will go anywhere & do anything to hear more of it. Look up attention-whore & you'll find his picture.

    Are you Cramer? Hard to believe anyone else would make those statements ... :eek:

  7. Jim Cramer
    Cramer Bullish on the Dow for '09 -- Part I
    Here's a look at the first six Dow stocks: Alcoa,... More

    of course he was bullish last year too"

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    Cramer is a perfect example of many of the 'experts' we to put up with all this time.
    As long as you look the part, talk the language and have enough charisma and self confidence you'll keep getting the exposure and sheeple will follow your words with gaping mouths.
    Doing some party tricks or jumping on one leg a plus!
    Being right or having any predictive value is irrelevant.
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    knows how to lose you money is what you meant to say.
  10. i learn smthg new every show

    secrets of the hedge fund sort of thing
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