Jim Cramer video "Sell Everything"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Port1385, Oct 6, 2008.

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  2. I guess he was on Today this morning saying sell everything for five years.

    This woman is talking to my wife about it like, 'did you see this guy on CNBC saying sell everything for five years?"

    They really have to pull this guy. He's lost his friggin' mind. He gets everybody in, kills them, this is the first time this is even looking like a bottom, and it still needs to prove himself, but now its five years.

    So, if you have a decent bear mkt rally, will he get them back in at the top?

    What is Immelt thinking of????
  3. [​IMG]

    deserves repeat post from 12/07/07:

    <i>"..oscillator NEVER lets him down.."</i>

    <i>"..that's when people HAVE to buy.."</i>

    <i>"..minus seven you HAVE to cover your shorts and get long because there will be some reason for a rally.."</i>

    Guess the reason never materialized.
    Now we have to sell for five years?

    I always wonder if he's paid to tell the masses to do the opposite of those in the know.
  4. I was told a story a long time ago.

    In the late sixties, I think this particular office was in the NY area, the old timers would go in and watch the translux. Commissions were the same everywhere. anyway, if you got there early, schnoored with the coffee and Danish, you could hear the calls. The early early call was institutional, as it is now. It would be 'sell xyz. The retail call, 90 minutes later was, 'buy xyz'.

    If Cramer was doing it, it is not an original idea.

    note: translux was mechanical scrolling tape. very expensive, btw. I worked in an office with one, and the noise sticks with me to this day.
  5. Good post Port1385, I'm glad you didn't leave. :p

    I've been saying Cramer was a compleat tool for a long-time now ... thanks for the confirm. :cool:

    P.S. That vidoe you posted that was supposedly of me was just funny as hell! :D
  6. Cramer is right. I've been 120% long all through this selling, but since I need to buy a stick of bubble gum in 4 years I'm GOING TO CASH TOMORROW.

    i'M LIQUDATING my 1 share of TSCM which at <5 will surely buy me that Juicyfruit.
  7. Stick with Cramer!!!