Jim Cramer talks straight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Riskmanager, Mar 23, 2007.

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    he is behind of time, he said I don't care (because it's not on TV) but it's 100x worse because it's on youtube.
  2. Well nobody is accusing him of not telling the truth, in the VIDEO - I believe every bit of it! :D

    I've read and heard Cramer talk about shady market activities for years. Remember his "Buzz and Batch" columns?

    He sure knows a lot about the subject... :p
  3. Hey Riskmanager, they said this video had been removed from youtube due to copyright infringement. what happen. Thanks for bringing it back.
  4. Some people will go to distance to get money, they don't care who they shoot down in the process. Small investor? F him.
  5. There isn't anyone else coming up to the plate and admitting this kind of inside market information.
    I applaud Cramer's honesty and I don't believe he should apologize to anyone for telling the truth.
    My opinion of him just went up considerably.
  6. Old news.

    But . . . I would suggest that it takes a heck-of-a-lot more money than a $5-$10 million dollar "buy program" these days to get a measureable lift in stocks.
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    I also am a little skeptical about the ability to move the market with $10mm. However, he said $10mm in capital, not "$10mm." That could mean $100mm or $1bil in stock depending on leverage. In fact, I think he specifically mentioned futures. What people seem to be overlooking is that if a hedge fund manager invests additional capital to drive the market lower to protect his short position, he risks digging an even deeper hole for himself if the market does not respond as he desires.

    I have a hard time separating the simple activity of selling short because you think the market is going down, and selling short with the intent of pushing the market lower.

  8. The only difference is that Buzz and Batch never starred in a YouTube video, but it was all laid out there in text years ago. Maybe someone will go and dig that stuff up now. Where is Captain Renault?

  9. Very well said! It takes brains to convincingly play stupid for the crowds, and Cramer proves he has them :D
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