Jim Cramer predicts the end to gold run

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jreynolds212, Jan 16, 2008.

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  3. Crapper came on last Friday and said to get into AAPL for Mac-World extravaganza because expectations were too low this year . . . Stock crapped-out over 20 points, with an indra-day low today in the 157 handle.

    Crapper also said to jump into INTC if the earnings weren't that bad because the stock had already been beaten down . . . Never happened.

    Says to buy SLB if crude rallies back today on the inventory numbers, with earnings out Friday . . . never happened. And if anything, SLB is talking layoffs and a slower market in North American drilling.

    Said to jump into PH for earnings due out tomorrow ( thursday ) because the stock has been beaten down . . . still going down.

    He also interviewed the CEO of Yamana Gold (AUY) . . . on Friday. Said he loved the stock.

    Opened at 17.40 on Monday and has been down ever since, breaking below 15.00 briefly this morning.

    Can this idiot be anymore WRONG???

  4. This is why this guy is out of reality. The expectation for AAPL is nothing but too high (hype). The new Macbook Air is fugly. Price tag at like 3k with next to no features. No optical drive, no media card reader, no USB. This is just plain stupid. And if I want a thin laptop, I want it to be small too, like 10". 13" thin is not that attractive.

    Battery is locked into the laptop. So if your battery is fvck, and there is no Apple store with your radius, you have to send it back and won't see it for 1 to 2 weeks.

    Of course, there are plenty of zealot buying into it.
  5. Not sure if anyone saw it Jan 07, "Crammer" bet Eric Boling that Gold and Oil would be lower in 07 (then oil was in the 50's).

    He said the dow would be down 250 today.

    At least his show lets you see what the herd is up to.
    What a dope. Still, the dope has a lotta dough. But, none of mine!
    I don't buy cars from dealers that yell, nor do I take investment advice from the same.
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    ive never understood aapl price...especially now that the iphone,imac hype is in the past...this new airbook seems like the shuffle which was total crap...i also hate apple proprietary batteries which means you cant pop in a spare battery unlike creative players....which take a AAA rechargeable...end of rant...
    I just think aapl is an overhyped stock dont know if its a short but i cant see it or the company having much more great success with new products for the next while...i personally am sick of all the new tech crap and how fast it gets outdated...i dont need all this whiz bang stuff...i hate plasma tv hype-my 20inch trinitreon is just fine...i hate all this cell phone/email/wireless devices also...what is this damn star trek???Fk i cant eat that shit-im more concerned about my lettuce costing 70cents more in the last 2 months!!!you dont see kids playing baseball anymore cuz theyre all inside playing video games.Ever see a line up for the latest video games or iphone...some of the ugliest losers i ever saw.
    im starting to hate geeks and especially that geeky looking dennis neal guy with geek glasses and spikey/messy hair on cnbc who is an eternal bull with egg all over his over as the market tanks and he sings how great tech and the market is...what a tool...rant officially over...
  8. I think it will pullback from here, but continue to move higher after a healthy pullback.