Jim Cramer Just Tipped Buying The Ten Year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by THE-BEAKER, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. that twat on cnbc just tipped buying the ten year.

    this guy just clearly does not understand whats going on here.

    goldman are puking and so are pimco and cnbc just tipped it.

    whata joke they are.
  2. Cramer. lmao.

    What a douche.

    The Ex Post Facto stock tipper.
  3. LOL did you hear his rant about nyx yesterday?

  4. No. What was his pearl of wisdom?
  5. I know he hates NYX.. i remember clearly because I owned it for 14 days before getting stopped out.
  6. I know you really like buying dips...what do you think of BWLD?

  7. BWLD is oversold especially today since it is down and the rest of the market is up

    There is a lot of support in the low 80's so it should rebound to 87 or so provided the indexes rebound.
  8. tipped buying it at 104.240.

    currently trading at 103.260.

    what a tosser.

    obviously no apology for the worse call ever in the bond market by an absolute dickhead.

    another cnbc amateur whose days are numbered.

    come on cnbc get some professionals in.
  9. I am not sure it is that bad an idea at these levels.
  10. Goldman and Pimco both said theyd be numerous rate cuts this year
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