Jim Cramer is a...

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  2. things I didn't know "democrat" was a synonym for.
  3. you took that from tim knight...

    plagiarim - the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
  4. Jim Cramer is a...

    A new millennium chicken dancing on a hot plate in the 21st amusement arcade known as cable television.

    Say what you will but he can draw a big enough crowd for his handlers to keep putting him on display and turning on the power and letting him do his animated gesticulations.

  5. awesome!

  6. omg, this is hysterical.

    and real, i just tried it! :p
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    On Yahoo, I did a search, and found 'Jim Cramer has an IQ the same as Lenny Dykstra's".
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    I'm new to these forums - why does Cramer get criticised this much from random people? He's a successful fund manager.
  9. I liked watching him suck up to Donald Trump on The Apprentice.. reminded me of Dracula and Renfield
  10. I concur. What people don't realize is that all this (economy, life, society) is a game and a show. Not the smart sounding broke guy wins, but the guy who makes the most money.

    How many broke guys would love to swap bank accounts with Cramer?

    For all we know Cramer

    a) retired in 2001 with $50+ million cash in the bank from managing money. Then he put a large majority of his net worth into tax free municipal bonds; he was largely shielded from the equity bear market this decade.
    b) probably has a multi-million dollar annual contract with CNBC/GE
    c) founded TheStreet.com and has been selling stock all the way down. Probably also made him a couple millions of the last 10 years.
    d) writes (worthless) books that probably bring in some extra money every year

    He might be a lunatic, he might be in dire need of therapy (why is he not retired yet so he can spend more time with his family??) but he did very well financially and that's the metric that counts most in our world.
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