Jim Cramer having a badddd week

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    Yes exactly. Here is another example of his lunacy. He says "Buy JCI before earnings!" Then he claims on last night's show that people shouldn't have bought JCI before earnings because it was up too much before earnings. And that they should have had limit orders on it at $121. Well, you wouldn't have gotten filled on that limit order til after earnings because as soon as he pumped it, it gapped $1.50 to $125. But then he claims, "Look at all my $80 stocks that are moving higher to $120!" They are doing this primarily because he pumped them. And there's no way you can use limit orders below the market close to get into any position he talks about because he causes so much buying. So either the position goes his way and the only way you can get in is to pay up (and then it keeps going up), or the position sucks and he makes excuses such as, "Well you should have used a limit order, don't pay up!" But then he takes credit for the stocks that just keep going up. He's either retarded or delusional, but either way I hate him.
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  2. He's telling people to buy AMZN. That's going to end in one massive disaster.
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  3. The mental asylum wants him...

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  4. It will be amazing for people like me who never watch the show to see a retrospective montage of him losing his mind as the world crumbles and piece of shit stocks like AMZN don't go to $100 like he thinks. :p
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    highlight of the article "First, any company that is a commodity producer simply can't be owned, no matter what."
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  7. LOL, he damn near pegged the exact start of the biggest commodity rally in decades.

    If he had said "sell" to all of his "buys" and vice versa, the guy would be a legend. Instead, he's an obnoxious t.v. jackoff who is single handedly killing the small investor who believes his drivel.
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  8. If you blindly follow the advice of some idiot on TV, you deserve to lose every cent you got.
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  9. Bob, Crapper's show won't be the only thing cancelled . . . CNBC will get cancelled as well.

    Bloomberg is so much better, it's no contest.
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    bloomberg is sooo much better. Cramer could have a decent show if #1 he did'nt recommend a stock every day. #2 they would ban that ridiculous booya shit#3 he would act serious rather than jumping around and yellng;he lost credibility. he also contradicts himself.example- he says technical analysis does'nt work but yet when he first started his show he said he used to dismiss technical analysis until his wife who traded with him said its very important because so many people use it and he then said it is important. now he changes his mind. he now says no after hours trading but again when he first went on the air he said it was very important to find a broker that offers after hours trading. he also said not to use market orders after hours: do you know one brokerage firsm that allows market orders in the after hours or pre-mkt? nobody offers that anyway ! also,he always says "buy best of breed";then he says its ok to sometimes not to buy best of breed. he says to sell ATI in the 60's and calls a guy that still owns it in the 80's a pig. then he says buy more when it goes over 80..the worst advice is when he syas to buy before earnings.if thats not a recipe for disaster i don't know what is.
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