Jim Cramer Goes Nuts on CNBC

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  1. I love the caption :
    "Mad Money host Jim Cramer makes a passionate plea to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to consider cutting interest rates and, in turn, help the market and the people who are losing their jobs on Wall Street."

    By passionate plea, we mean batshit insane. I was listening on Sirius, and it to me it was very similar to the NBA brawl a few years ago. I was watching that game live on TV and just had this feeling like - this just can't be happening right in front of me.
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    ok so ignoring Jim Cramer, who actually thinks this giant mess can sort itself out without any intervention?

    we are heading right towards a giant liquidity freeze, housing meltdown, stock market crash, dollar devaluation and out of control inflation, joblessness, and probably depression, all at the same time
  3. ha ha ha like wall street ever gave a fuck when anyone else lost their jobs - in fact, they always cheer

    hope this butthole pops a vessel and doesnt last the weekend

    bitch looked pretty freaked out by this lunatic

    what did this bozo think was going to happen when people bought homes they couldnt afford?
  4. I like higher interest rates , better for my CD's:)
    Yea lower interest rates so all those Wall Street guys who make a million dollars plus a year can keep their jobs. AHH poor rich guys.

    Kramer is a tool
  5. He would have been a great politician, so full of s**t!!:p
  6. :eek:
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    I think it is going to be very difficult for the Fed to cut rates right now. In reality we have double digit inflation (not the government figures of course). Especially since the dollar is so terribly weak and all those Treasury notes, bills and bonds have to be sold to finance Mr. Bush's war and blow a few more arms and legs off of our nineteen-year-olds. My guess is that the Fed will have no choice but to let some of the steam come out of the market, and perhaps bring inflation down via a weakened economy. But who knows really what the Fed will do? We do have an election coming up, and if the "wrong" folks get into the Whitehouse Isreal could be in trouble. I do hope i'm not being overly cynical. :mad:
  8. this little ryme from childhood applys to cramer

    'gave my money to a cosmic coon, thought i'd see my reefer soon'
  9. LOL. Cramer screaming for a rate cut.
    He's old enough to know that the market has done alright when rates were higher than they are now. Rates are still at historical lows. I think he's talking his book -- he's caught long and hopes for a rate cut, so that he can dump his positions into the bid.
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