Jim Cramer discusses the Fed on Mad Money.

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  1. OK. Tell me where I am wrong precisely and where I don't have an understanding according to your view.

    My argument's premise is based on the concept that supply/demand fundamentals of crude are making their impact known on the broader result of price inflation (aka relative dollar devaluation), and that this increase in input costs resulted in a large component of asset runup.

    If anyone here is suggesting that the fed merely pumping $$$ into the system and keeping rates at 1.0% is the entire cause of our current dilemma, they are mistaken. Political forces (Chinese embracing capitalistic tendencies) and technological innovation (spurring productivity growth) are just as responsible.

    One needn't look too far to realize 2.5T of debt to fight the Iraq "cause" or tax cuts in the time when govt budgets were already in deficit were Bush's strategy of post-bubble financial recovery, rather than actually innovating our way out of the trouble we were in. I don't disagree with many of those points (that Ron Paul also advocates).

    Just the point that having a gold standard somehow will obviate the economic difficulties we are in is silly because it introduces its own set of troubles. What happens to our economy when there is a gold shortage? Why should our economy's wealth and status be dictated by the holdings of an ARBITRARY JEWELRY metal?

    Just because something was determined the most valuable thing 2000 years ago doesn't mean perhaps that it should remain the most valuable. I can't survive with gold; but I can survive with food, water, land, and energy.

    I think the free markets with their own supply/demand forces do a good enough job of determining the value of the dollar.

    You guys need to back up your arguments rather than a 'you are dumbfuck' note, because I definitely have. These threads to do with political candidates (esp Ron Paul) border on discussing religion. I wonder if there is a heavy overlap of Ron Paul lovers and Christian conservatives... :) It feels like past discussions I've had discussing my non-god-fearing ways with Christians who believe I'm going to hell.

    By the way, inflation is decreased buying power of a currency. Deflation being the opposite. Did you know this?
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  2. dinoman


    Here is one point you made that is a half ass statement. Ooooh damn did I just say that?

    It was not in the interview and was not advocated as the whole answer to solving the current issue we discuss.

    Who said this? Dr. Paul? Yes, he did say this as a "part" of his approach to this issue. The problem here is you only take snippets of what he said, but besides this fact. Just like many other lazy people you fail to research the !!!WHOLE!!! facts and statements. ( <---- damn there is my half ass english again)

    It is interesting that you mention the gold standard in your post.
    I don't remember the "Gold Standard" being mentioned in this interview. Maybe watching a little to much T.V. are we? Or, is it your reading to many biased articles?

    I don't have the time now to go into the proper rebutal you deserve as a response, but I will do so later.

    The best thing I can advise is do your "OWN" unbiased research and then come to a conclusion. HINT! HINT!
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    Oh great Dumb ass is going on and on about the fed.. Every major economy is based on a fiat money system. If you change one you have to change them all at the same time. Dip shit idiot!!!!
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    Stick to what you know Cramer! You don't know about Economy especially global economy. All you know is how to swing stocks to make them look like there going up and stick it to the little guy. Your a big 2 faced phony hypocrite.
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    Cramer reminds me of these hoodlems that get busted. After they have violated a zillion people they come out in the open and tell how they conned everyone. You act like you care but you just do it for your ego and your big head.
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  6. scriabinop23 is a perfect example of why central banks are so profitable and so powerful. He's reasonably intelligent, but doesn't understand how money works. I sometimes wonder if we can do this when a majority of the population will never understand. scriabinop23, go do some more research. Ask some more questions. You are emphatically proving your ignorance.

    In any case, those of us who do understand must be vigilant, because the bankers' solution to this mess will be a global currency backed by gold. That is their ultimate goal.

    We need competing currencies and no central banks.
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  7. achilles28


    Great to see mainstream embracing Paul.

    Take it where we can get it ;)
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  8. tyler19


    Ron Paul Tea Party 07

    Prepare to be amazed! We the People will be heard!


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  9. the other day I was watching William Wilberforce's movie; The Mazing Grace; then I think about Ron Paul.

    Good Luck.
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  10. achilles28


    From 2000 to 2006, global crude demand grew by 10.5%.

    During that same period, crude oil prices jumped over 100%!!!!

    If 2007 was considered, crude oil prices jumped 200% from baseline (yes, T_R_I_P_L_E_D).

    Crude is churning log multiplies of its fundamental price at 10x to 20x fair value.

    And these figures include the much-hyped demand from your beloved Asian juggernauts and "ferocious" global economy.


    You need to look at M3 and fractional reserve banking.

    Then study what money bubbles do to asset prices.
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