Jim Cramer discusses the Fed on Mad Money.

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  1. lament?

    I lament that I am responding to this ... If you want to argue with me, why don't you support your point 'this is another dumbass statement'? You need to give me something to work with.
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  2. dinoman


    First start by looking up the definition of "lament"

    Then try to provide facts with your statement then we will go from there.

    It wasn't my point to argue just so you know.

    How about I start you off with a clue. Who do you think faciliated "Wall Street" with this scenario?
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  3. ok. this is all in good fun for me. but you used the word lament in front of the word response as an adjective. Its not an adjective.

    Lament is a noun or a verb ... So you basically didn't make sense to me.. I thought you meant to type 'lame' ...

    And I don't need to look up lament... although i did search for an adjective and couldn't find it.
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  4. I don't think you have an understanding of what inflation is. Or deflation for that matter. Or exactly how central banks work and exactly why Ron Paul wants to abolish it.

    Supply/demand & inflation/deflation are not the same thing.
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  5. dinoman


    If that is your answer then so be it. Last time I checked we were'nt running an English class here.

    I will give you the fact that my english is not the best. You win 100% there. If your trying to discredit me based on that then you are right.

    If you actually want to prove your statement with facts then I will leave that up to you.
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  6. dinoman


    Someone understands where I am heading. Nice!
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  7. That was a dumb's post or did u say dumb posts?

    How about "you dumbfuck? do you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d ?
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  8. dinoman


    LOL. I was trying to be nice.
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  9. Ok then I'm sorry dinoman.
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  10. dinoman


    It's ok. :)
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