Jim Chanos: China is a Bubble Waiting to Burst

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  1. With investors worried about the future of the dollar, an upcoming Fed meeting and stocks hovering around 14 month highs, how are the biggest investors on Wall Street positioning themselves for the future? What is the big fish perspective on the state of the market?

    To answer these questions, Fast Money has a special edition of the Halftime Report with legendary hedge fund manager James Chanos, the President and founder of Kynikos Associates, who gave viewers his perspective on the markets in a Halftime Report exclusive.

  2. S2007S


    nice article, least someone knows what they are talking about....

    no one has the courage to come out and say that china is a bubble waiting to burst, everyone else is screaming to buy emerging markets especially china thinking growth is nearly unstoppable....

    not going to be pretty when this liquidity driven rally comes to a close.
  3. then you should use all ur retiree savings and short FXI now and make a bundle
  4. Exactly. Easy to spit out these "certainties" in the economy, but not easy to back up the bullshit with real money.
  5. Wasnt Chanos short Ford also when it was at 10$ a share?

    Should he be worried?
  6. Well if China burst....add a few more million jobs out the window in America. But hey, American's voted for OBAMANATION.

    Just listen to Mr. Reed, you'r all in good hands.