Jill Carroll has to Defend Herself?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hcour, Apr 3, 2006.

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    WTF? I've seen several reports that Carroll has had to defend her video-taped anti-US statements made while in captivity and some have gone so far as to call her a "traitor". Other than some random internet postings on msg boards from the usual gang of fanatical idiots I haven't found any organizations or prominent folks making this claim. Is it true that she has had to justify herself? To whom? Who are these idiots? She lived for 3 months in captivity under the very real and very public threat of death, which we've certainly seen these guys will carry out in the most horrible fashion, and she's being trashed for reciting their party line so she could save her life? Really, that's repugnant. This woman has more courage than most, for being a reporter in Iraq in the first place and for enduring that hell and coming out of it.

    What cowards these folks must be, what fakes, what fools. Carroll is a heroine, pure and simple, perhaps not by choice, but one nonetheless. It's not like she gave away state secrets, it was just a bunch of blah blah and everyone knows it. Or, apparently, most, anyway.

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