Jihadists have bombed Buddhism's holiest site

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  1. Jul 7, 2013 4:52 AM GMT-0400

    REUTERS - A series of explosions in and around Buddhism's holiest shrine in Bihar injured two persons early on Sunday, in what the government described as a “terror” attack.

    The Mahabodhi Temple complex is located in Bodh Gaya, the place where the Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. It houses the holy bodhi tree as well as the giant Mahabodhi statue of Buddha, and multiple shrines marking the places where he is believed to have spent time after his enlightenment. After his meditations beneath the tree, Buddha is said to have devoted the rest of his life to teaching and he founded an order of monks before dying aged 80.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned the blasts and said such attacks on religious places “will never be tolerated”.


    Bodh Gaya is the holiest site for the Buddhists world over. It was bombed early this morning in a series of Islamic terror attacks.
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    "During the Teng Dynasty, Dharma Master Dan Xia (literally, Red Twilight) used to be a candidate for the civil service examination. But he got a "calling" and later became a Buddhist Monk instead.
    On a cold winter night, a big snow storm hit the city and the temple where Dan Xia served as a Monk got snowed in. Cut off from outside traffic, the coal delivery man could not get to the Zen Monastery. Soon it ran out of heating fuel after a few days and everybody was shivering in the cold. The monks could not even cook their meals.
    Dan Xia began to remove the wooden Buddha Statues from the display and put them into the fireplace.
    "What are you doing?" the monks were shocked to see that the holy Buddha Statues were being burnt inside the fire place. "You are burning our holy religious artifacts! You are insulting the Buddha!"
    "Are these statues alive and do they have any Buddha nature?" asked Master Dan Xia.
    "Of course not," replied the monks. "They are made of wood. They cannot have Buddha Nature."
    "OK. Then they are just pieces of firewood and therefore can be used as heating fuel," said Master Dan Xia. "Can you pass me another piece of firewood please? I need some warmth."
    The next day, the snow storm had gone and Dan Xia went into town and brought back some replacement Buddha Statues. After putting them on the displays, he began to kneel down and burn incense sticks to them.
    "Are you worshiping firewood?" ask the monks who are confused for what he was doing.
    "No. I am treating these statues as holy artifacts and am honouring the Buddha." replied Dan Xia. "
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    I'm calling for a world wide ban on Islam. All Islamic writings and other material must be destroyed and those practicing the cult must disavow it. Islam is not a religion.

    Islam is a pox on the world and must be stopped now. By it's own teachings it advocates violence upon innocent people and many of its followers do just that.

  4. "OK. Then they are just pieces of firewood and therefore can be used as heating fuel," said Master Dan Xia. "Can you pass me another piece of firewood please? I need some warmth."

    I missing your point. (I think).....

    Okay to burn a wooden Budha but not the Koran?
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    You probably are missing the point. I don't know what they are but there are undoubtedly rules in Islam for how to properly dispose of a copy of the Koran.
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    The Central Coast of California has a lot of caucasian buddhists and witches and you never know what shitpile you might have to step around.. I knew one, this old bag was dying of COPD because she smoked tobacco and marijuana. She told me she was a Buddha! Not just a Buddhist but an actual Buddha! She would pass out occasionally with her face in her food, I think it was the morphine she took for the pain... I was talking to her once and her body kept twisting around nearly 180 degrees, I thought she was checking the clock, it was really annoying. Finally I stopped and asked her what was so important and she tells me something about how a spirit of death was present. Somebody that lives in the hotel had croaked that day and this old bag was channeling the spirit of death and it couldn't face me...

    So anyhow, some buddhist thingy got destroyed by the world's greatest jerks? That's awful! No really...
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