Jihadist Forum Needed - Dedicated to Destruction of Great Satan America

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  1. I find it amazing that a trading forum...
    Allows itself to be high-jacked by Third World Islamo-Fascists...
    And their Stooges among us.

    Is there some reason that escapes me...
    Why people dedicated to the destruction of the US financial markets...
    And the random murder of American women and children...
    Are given a loud voice and 1000s of posts on ET?
  2. Certainly you recall the age old question from science class ...

    "If a tree falls in the woods, and does so without someone (or some thing) around to hear it, did it make a sound?"

    The answer, of course, is no because sound requires both a sender and a receiver to exist.

    The same algorithm works with trolls.

    If someone (or some thing) posted thousands of times, and nobody clicked the link to read, nor responded to fan the flames, would the troll have a 'voice' on the web site?

    As in life, the best solutions often present themselves in the most simple forms. The web site doesn't provide the 'voice' for the troll. Those of us that click the links to read, and subsequently respond, provide the voice. Interestingly, each of us also holds the key to silence it.

    Good Trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Baron, if i were you, i would put an end to the ticking time bomb. close the politics and religion forum and disallow any politics/religion discussions on the website. have moderators delete any politics related threads automatically. if you don't, it won't be long before this website will start to get reviews and a reputation all over the web based on the various political opinions that infest its members. some members, actually a lot of members, have 95% of their posts in political discussions.

    imho you are taking a serious business risk allowing this. plus, you are damaging the purity of this website and its original intended purpose - to discuss trading and investment. you also encourage hatred among members and that reflects itself in the quality of discussion in trading related posts as well.
  4. Don't need another Yahoo CSCO board. I'm surprised that Yahoo lets that continue after all these years.

  5. You assume that people take these poster's opinions seriously.

    I for one do not.

    For instance, my own comments are far from the values that I hold true. I simply enjoy knocking the idiots around a bit.....

    I don't think one has to worry about the pathetic folks who post there.....

    and that "purity" thing is just plain silly, sorry.

  6. GTG


    I know what you mean...seriously...although I feel uncomfortable coming down on the side of more censorship, much of the board has become unreadable. Please get the cranks off of the message board! So what if they are just trolling?
  7. hcour

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    Yeah, let's suppress the voices of those w/whom we disagree! Spam of the Jihadists!

    Are you talking about "hijacking" a Chit-Chat forum? Is that even possible? What, are they off-topic? How profoundly have you missed the point of shit-shat?

    This is America, pal. Assholes have the right to spew their pov, too, same as yourself. It's Why We Fight.

  8. I agree that encouraging hatreds is a very dirty and dangerous business for ET, in very many ways. I no longer make much effort to participate on ET, partly because there is just too much hatred.
  9. Go do some wrist exercises Rockford, maybe you should change your handle to McMillan,,,you know what I mean. The ET site is so popular because of how open it is. The ET members will jump all over anything that needs to be dealt with. ET would be perfect if a way could be found that lets traders find out useful info from all sources instead of from only the sponsors. I totally agree that Baron's property here needs to have an income, maybe theres a way to charge someone to be able to have a link with out running a banner ad. Seems like that could be a big source of income. Hey Baron, if you do that remember I came up with the idea when your rolling in all that new cash.

  10. Well said! I gotta tell you, the ignore function works like a charm. I've put all those morons (Zzz, Wael, Skalpz, etc) on ignore and the result has been astonishing. No more troll posts, flame wars, etc. Sometimes you see one side of the flame war when someone who hasn't yet put them on ignore is yelling at them, but it's all the more fun because you don't have to listen to the antics of stupidity, or be tempted to reply.

    If you're like me, sometimes you just can't let a dumb ass comment go without chiming in to stomp on it. So the solution? Remove all stupid commentary. And since everyone has his or her own view on what is considered "dumb ass", then everyone has the right to the ignore function.
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