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  1. JIHAD Is Our RELIGION - Imam Anwar al Awlaki

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  2. What's the matter you guys don't know Arabic? That's because you have been working too hard trading.

    The good Imam doesn't need to translate for me even our good friend and magnificent jihadi at ET, Pallywood Sameeh, will attest to that fact. My language skills are superb and I am modest too!
  3. Global Jihad - Then & Now - Pt. 1/2

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  4. Tresor


    Bernie, this clip is dedicated to you and all other rednecks of the world. Have fun :D

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  5. Global Jihad - Then & Now - Pt. 2/2

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  6. If it isn't my dear pal Tresor. You know that I am of Austrian Jewish heritage so I'd buy being called a Nazi by you as you have called me in the past, but redneck?? Stop doing hashish Tresor before you post on ET. After that you may continue. I understand that it is a part of your heritage.

    BTW, I noticed that you and your associate, the one that is called, Pallywood Sameeh the Magnificent Jihadi, have been critiquing the Israeli Rabbinate on its implementation of the kosher laws and disposition of mixed marriages per halachah or Jewish religious law. This makes me confident that very soon the two of you will no longer be known as just Tresor and Sameeh on ET, but Rabbis Tresor and Sameeh. :D :D :D
  7. Tresor


    Bernie, I can't believe my eyes. You showed some sense of humour :p
  8. I know you love my humor Tressy baby, and since I am always in search of more admirers at ET I have some more.

    Ein SA-Mann sucht einen Juden zu provozieren: "Sag mal, Jude, wer trägt die Schuld daran, daß wir den Krieg verloren haben?"
    "Die jüdischen Generäle, denke ich."
    "Gut, gut", sagt verblüfft der SA-Mann und fügt nach einigem Nachdenken hinzu: "Aber wir hatten doch gar keine jüdischen Generäle!"
    "Wir nicht – aber die anderen!"

    Translation (however it is better in German):
    A SA (forerunners of SS) man wanted to provoke a Jew: "Tell me Jew, who is responsible that we lost the war?"
    "The Jewish generals, I think."
    "Very good", says the SA man perplexed and responds after a few moments of thought: "But we didn't have any Jewish generals!"
    "Not us -- but the other side!" responds the Jew.
  9. Tresor


    Good joke but somewhat untrue. There were several Jewish generals who served in Nazi forces, e.g. Johannes Zukertort, Helmut Wilberg (declared Aryan personally by Hitler in 1935). Picture of the latter is enclosed.

    As you know, at least 150k Jews and partial Jews served in Nazi forces during WWII. It was a common practice in Nazi Germany that a Jew could be declared Aryan for his or her merits for the Third Reich.

    Funny thing, even Japaneese were declared ''honorary'' Aryans by Hitler. Can you beat that :p ?

    And so were many Jews declared Aryans for their merits in propagating Nazism and for their merits on the battle fields.

    As you can see, unlike jokes, the history is not always black or white. It has all shades of grey.
  10. You are quite right Tresor I know all of that personally through my own family. My grandfather was a decorated captain in the Austrian Army in World War I, and for his merits on the battlefield in defense of Austria he was declared an Aryan so he could be murdered as an old man in the Transnistria Concentration Camp by the Austrian / German Army of The Third Reich!

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