Jigsaw Trading Release "Jigsaw Trader Dashboard" Version 1.0

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    Jigsaw Trading are happy to announce the release of version 1 of the Jigsaw Trader Dashboard. A trade analysis system that takes the guesswork out of making decisions about the future of your trading.

    The goal is to move beyond the bland statistics provided by most platorms and let you really dig into where you make money and where you don't...
    • Do you make more money on one day than another day?
    • Do you make more in the mornings or afternoons?
    • Do you make money on one instrument and give it back on another?
    • What sort of holding times make you the most money?
    • How do you do on short vs long trades?

    Knowledge is power and Jigsaw Trader Dashboard tells you all this and much more. If you want to make better decision about the future of your trading, get onto the Trader Dashboard today.

    A short video highlighting the features of the Trader Dashboard is available here:

    For more information, click here
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