Jigsaw RapidTraderPro now available at Tradovate

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    Tradovate is pleased to announce the addition of Jigsaw RapidTraderPro!

    Jigsaw RapidTraderPro at Tradovate:

    Now there are two ways you can use Jigsaw tools at Tradovate. First, you can choose Jigsaw tools fully integrated into Tradovate's platform. Second, you can also use Jigsaw RapidTraderPro at Tradovate.

    As a special offer Tradovate is offering RapidTraderPro with no Tradovate Memembership Fee while RapidTraderPro is in beta. This is an ultra aggressive offer that will allow you to trade the ES for only $1.28 per side plus a CGQ order routing fee of $0.15 or $1.43 total per side. Once RapidTraderPro is moved out of beta it will fall under Tradovate's Active Membership Plan.

    In addition, you get access to Tradovate's platform that includes Jigsaw tools for On-Demand Market Replay. Use Tradovate's On-Demand Market Replay to test strategies with Jigsaw tools and trade in simulation.

    Get Started Today with RapidTraderPro at Tradovate >>

    Jigsaw customers at Tradovate get:
    • Jigsaw's Depth & Sales to view important market action and place trades
    • Jigsaw's Auction Vista heatmap to view historical and current order flow
    • Jigsaw's Reconstructed Tape to track small and large trader activity
    • Price action swing indicator for viewing swing charts
    • Cumulative delta indicator for viewing market order activity
    • $0 platform licensing, order routing, or mobile app fees
    • $500 day trading margins for E-mini S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow, Mini-Russell 2000, US Treasury Bond, & 10-Year T-Note
    Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
  2. J.P.


    Hey Tradovate:

    That's fine, but why not also offer a simple DDE for Excel API? Maybe something similar to what Interactive Brokers provides. They have an Excel workbook that can be modified to any trader's liking. Yours doesn't have to do everything IB's does; it just needs to be able to place and modify orders.

    All you would have to do is take a look at the code for it here:


    Just download the above workbook then modify (simplify) it to make it your own.

    This should be straightforward to implement and you would get my business and likely some (many?) others too.
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