Jigsaw November Leaderboard - Mr Gekko wins 2 months in a row!

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    We are happy to announce that MrGekko has won the Jigsaw Leaderboard contest for the 2nd month running. With a P&L for the month of just over $19k and a consistency rating of 59.

    His win rate remains the same at around 44% and his winners are approximately 2 times his losing trades on average.

    He wins the $500 cash prize.

    For more information on the winner and the improvements made by many of the other participants, click here for the full results.
  2. Those numbers I can believe.

    With such results being your contest's best... it should give starry-eyed ET trader wannabes a realistic sense of what can be accomplished.

    What does "consistency rating of 59" mean?
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    Yup - none of these results are "turn $1,000 into $1,000,000"
    We had a chat with a couple of prop firms and asked "how do you decide if someone can go live".

    Based on the metrics they gave us - we built up a ratings system that rated based on the things they look for - like daily drawdowns, ability to recover from losses and a bunch of other stuff.

    We figured it'd be a better measure than PnL 'cause someone could just take a big swing at the end of the month to win.

    Which of course is why you don't see the "turn $1,000 into $1,000,000" on there - although I am sure I'm shooting myself in the foot doing that!
  4. Is that 59/100? Is "59" a high rating?

    Is yours a real money contest?
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    No - it's not 59/100 - the max differs by month depending on the number of trading days.

    It's a mix of live & demo accounts.

    The top traders from a P&L perspective are live. MrGekko, the winner is in a prop firm and duplicating his firm trades on the leaderboard. The other is reporting his live trades from a non-prop environment.

    Would be nice to see a home trader kick the prop traders ass into touch... ;-)