Jigsaw Leaderboard Contest Kicks Off! Cash for Consistency.

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    On October 1st, Jigsaw Trading officially started their "Leaderboard" contest.

    Traders using their "daytradr" platform can opt-in to the leaderboard which rates traders by the same consistency ratings prop firms use to decide if their traders are ready to go-live. The winner in October will receive a $500 cash prize.

    Traders can opt in to the leaderboard and they can also opt to be private or to show the details of their executions to other members.

    In the first week, there were 3 traders who hit it big on a daily basis
    • Maru02 - With a profit of $12,718.45 on 3rd October (Live Account)
    • Traderkysir - With a profit of $7,865 on 5th October (private)
    • Banin17 - with a profit of $3,061.24 (Live Account)
    At the end of the week, MrGekko is in the lead, with a consistency rating of 45 and a PnL for the week of $6,509. Low risk, no wild swings in account, closing every day in the green and consistently small losses all contributed to the high rating.


    For more on the results and the tools used by these traders, check out the Jigsaw Trading site.
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    Jigsaw is a great plugin in my experience. Still learning the order flow. Hope to become consistent in the future.
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