Jigsaw January Leaderboard - 30% profitable, $30k for the winner

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    The Jigsaw leaderboard results are out for January. For those that don't know - this is a monthly cash paying competition for people trading through the daytradrâ„¢ trading platform.

    Vaidas is the winner of the $500 prize for the second month running. He's running a bit of a skewed R:R system which may 'skewer' him at some point but so far in February, the volatility has helped, not hindered his performance.

    30% of traders participating made a profit in January, so well done all.

    For more information -and a breakdown on Vaidas' trading statistics, click here

    February's results should be very interesting after all this.

    Peter Davies
    Jigsaw Trading
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  2. The winner generated $30K in money profits for the month, but what % generated is that of his account,
    On a percentage basis return, what was made o_O

    I love trading competitions.
    I just wish there was one that included options, all of these competitions seem to favor only futures or commodities. and was vendor-neutral.
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    Good questions. But I won't answer, Lawrence....

    Not because I'm an a&&hole - but because the rating system that decides the winner does not use the PnL to decide the winner. You could make less and win.

    It's based on consistency.

    So - while the account size is a very important data point on a P&L based trading comp - it's not here. He won because he took almost 900 trades in the month and was very consistent in doing so.

    That's all the competition does. It rates by consistency and by some cruel twist of fate, the most consistent trader is almost always the one with the highest PnL.
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  4. Personally, from those stats alone I would be much comfortable putting my money behind BK. But hey not my competition and I'm not the judge.
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    I agree with you.

    I would have thought if Vaidas' risk was out of control, then February would have got him - but then he's doing best trading volatile markets.

    So - we'll see how it goes - there's nothing inherently wrong with a negative R:R. We all know that someone using (for instance) a 1000 point stop and 1 point target will blow up in the end - but there's a lot of trades Vaidas has taken....

    Time is a great leveler of these things. Hence the brave souls making 10% a month with their Iron Condors until...
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  6. schweiz


    This gives an average of $33 profit per trade. This can give you an idea about the performance of the system. $33 for a full position in 1 trade sounds very low to me. Depends also from the % of winning trades.
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    Hi Peter -

    Is your contest with real money?
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    It's a mix - some are live, some are not.

    The thing they have in common is they all placed the trades from the same platform and there is no way to reset accounts, remove accounts or anything like that.

    So whatever they did during the month is tracked on the leaderboard, warts & all...
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    Thanks. It is too bad you can't have 2 divisions - one real money accounts, one not. Or maybe your ranking system should give bonus points to real money accounts.

    Its the old saying - I know a ton a SIM trading millionaires, but only a few real trading millionaires...

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    Hi Kevin

    I agree for a P&L based comp - on the other hand, I really don't know many SIM traders that could trade consistently day in day out like it takes to win this.

    As mentioned - you could not swing for the fences and win this - in fact, you couldn't just take massive risk per trade either and 'luck out' overall, as there's some intraday draw limits you get marked down for if you hit them on a specific day.

    So I think it's fair the way it is - it's there to encourage people to trade consistently and so far it does seem to be helping people do that by showing them what happens if other people do it too.

    You can see who is live & who isn't for many of the traders as they allow you to zoom into execution levels. For those that opted out of showing that level of detail, it's not really my place to give the information out.
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