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    Just a quick note that we are hiring and finding people that know the difference between a DOM and a TV remote control is a distinct advantage.

    Details are here:
    In the past, we've tended to focus on the narrow range of specialist skills for each job - but it narrows it down so much, we don't get to match the personalities to the type of work.

    So this time - we need skills - but we are willing to forgo some skills for bright people that learn quickly. One of our current developers that has done all the charting work in JavaScript insisted all the new guys know JavaScript and Canvas extensively until I pointed out that he learned both on the job because he's so smart. That's the type of people we need.

    We are all based in Asia with the exception of Fernando in Portugal, so we need some overlap for the developer jobs. For Customer Support, we aim to support through the US lunchtime via chat, so if one person is in the America's that's cool.

    Send us your details here on a PM or apply via the chat button at the bottom left of www.jigsawtrading.com - with a resume if you have one handy & why you think you'd be a good fit. You can apply in this thread too - but don't blame me for the repercussions!

    We usually get massive volumes of applications and unfortunately, we won't be able to reply to each one individually.

    Many thanks

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  2. Don't get it. You trade, they run a business which seems to be working as they continue to hire. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
  3. flashbacks from time as a software engineer, my bad
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  4. gaussian


    C# is what Java wish it could be. Its standardized and not dependent on Microsoft technology anymore.

    Whats your favorite flavor of glue? Elmer's?
  5. Java. I dont see how its standardized. I'll never use c# and I've never needed anything that needs it or uses it. Everything sucks nothing matters . . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_illusion
  6. I like it...

    Jigsaw...Hire this guy!

    According to this picture, our experience of the world is not immediate, as all sensation requires processing time. It follows that our conscious experience is less a perfect reflection of what is occurring, and more a simulation produced unconsciously by the brain. Therefore, there may be phenomena that exist beyond our peripheries, beyond what consciousness could create to isolate or reduce them.

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  7. .NET Core vs .NET Framework. Just reading the first paragraphs on https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/dotnet-five should be enough to get up-to-date since your standardization statement conflicts with reality.

    Anyway, I doubt OP wanted to start a language debate thread, so... WinForms remains one of the absolutely best get-GUI-shit-done-fast-without-fluff technologies.
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  8. Cool, yeah, go fast horray! now what? I guess im at a stage in my career and life where i dont have to jump when some pointy haired dilbert says they want something done right then. I rather take the time to build quality software, have fun in windowsland i guess
  9. I vote for stochastix

  10. Different types of software have entirely different requirements (duh). Ultimately most people have their own preferences as to what kind of requirements they like to work with. It places restrictions on what they can build though.

    If you're writing a compiler or something requiring a high degree of formal correctness, like a maths library, obviously you will not be writing code with an emphasis on fast. If you're writing frontend GUI code that might be thrown out and rewritten whenever the customer or a designer on your team changes their mind (because when implemented and interacted with, the application sucks), it's an entirely different deal.

    Just to be clear, implying you cannot design quality software in C# is the same as saying it cannot be done in Java. Not that you were with the Windowsland remark.
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