JGB trading anyone?

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    Thanks alot for the quick response def! My account is with IB and I have been doing some extensive data mining and expensive trading, trying to come up with valid entry signals in the STW and HSI in order to get in on the large trends that can occur, but I'm finding it very difficult given that most of the signals are fake-outs. So you're right in saying they're volatile. When I watch the charts for HSI and STW they have good liquidity and the capacity to trend but seem to fake-out most of the time and I'm not comfortable with <40% trade accuracy. On the opposite end of the spectrum you're definitely right in saying tight and deep for the SGXNK. All you see on the charts are bricks with little directional flow. So I can't see a trend system working there. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong type of systems and should be concentrating on S/R or reversal systems. If you have any suggestions on threads or other material that would help me out in analyzing these (Asian) markets, I'd really appreciate it.

    You mentioned K200 and the HHI, maybe I'm behind the times, but since I am US based, I thought I was not allowed to trade these. Wrong?
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  2. Fade the fake out on the hang seng. The break is to squeeze out the local mom & pop. People in asia trade futures the same way the watch horse race. The only way to get them screaming, yelling and exicted is to have huge range breakout.
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    Great info Nas. Thank you.
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  4. What is it that would make them attractive to trade ?

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