Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go home to Poland, Germany, and America

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  1. That's the way I see it and the way I see things is the right way of seeing things.
  2. Helen Thomas, a veteran columnist for Hearst Newspapers, announced her resignation today shortly after the White House condemned her remarks about Jews as "offensive" and "reprehensible."

    Join your girlfriend, anti semite. Actually she's too hot for ya.

  3. sheesh. where do these posters come from? i S'pose that maybe the muslims should get out of all the lands they conquered after the death of Moe Hammad? Or s'pose we look under the Dome of the Rock, and see what Jewish temple was there > 1000 years earlier?

    in the meantime, I will be adding this one to the ignore list.
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    this is a big yawner... the US will throw some bones to some tenth century tribal leaders somewhere and this will be forgotten in a week...
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    You mean the "LEFT" way of seeing things, don't you?
  6. If you seriously believe that logic, then you should also believe that all whites should get out of the land they call the United States. Do you believe that? You should also believe that all Canadians should get out of Canada and go back to France. Also that all light skinned latin and south americans should get out and go back to Spain/portugal. And lets not forget....all blacks go back to Africa (Wow, now that makes you a racist!)
  7. Sounds like you are the small bitter person who takes immense pleasure at getting payback on them because you hate them.

    How does it feel to be the very thing you hate so much about the Jews. Can you say "Hypocrite"?
  8. Oh and lest we forget, Helen Thomas should go back to Lebanon where her parents came from.

    Ironically the Jews have a much better claim to Israel than whites to North and South America, Australia, New Zealand etc. First of all the land did belong to them 2000 years ago and was stolen from them, second while all these continents were conquered, Israel was given to the Jews by the United Nations (in other words by the will of the peoples).
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    who has a better claim to North America than whites?

    Are we playing the first in time game?

    Then please note it was recently reported Cro Magnon genes are in the white European gene pool... so if you try to play the first in time game you lose.
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