Jews may want to consider whether Obama has Nixon's gonads

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  1. "In 1973, Israel faced extermination. Prime minister Golda Meir had miscalculated Anwar Sadat's willingness to go to war and decided against a first strike against Egypt. The Arab nations attacked in October 1973, and within days Israel was facing defeat.

    The Israelis went to president Richard Nixon with a request for a massive infusion of arms. The Defense and State Departments squabbled. Our European allies, who feared an oil embargo (and would refuse us bases to refuel our planes), inveighed against it, and the Soviets blustered. Many on Nixon's staff wanted to deny the request, or offer only token assistance. Don't antagonize the Arab states, they counseled.

    Nixon persisted and, according to some accounts, doubled the amount of aid Israel had requested. Riding herd on the bureaucrats, Nixon repeatedly intervened to push the transports along. Informed about a dispute regarding the type of air transportation, Nixon at one point exclaimed in frustration: "Tell them to send everything that can fly." Over the course of a month US airplanes conducted 815 sorties with over 27,900 tons of materiel.

    Israel was saved due to this massive infusion of military aid."
  2. please don't lump all Jews with zionists. It's an insult to Jews.
  3. No it is not. Almost all jews are zionists, almost all non-jewish americans are zionists, most europeans, australians, south americans, chinese etc are zionists. Everyone who supports Israel and believes in Israel's right to exist as a jewish state is a zionist. On the other hand most of so-called anti-zionists are modern day anti-semites.
  4. you are the insult to jews:p
  5. Israel is most powerful dictator in the World, nations bow to East because of fear not because of love.
    Look here what happens to thus who reject Zionism
    Look closer, there are children to

  6. Please do not confuse a Nazi ideology of a pure race and religion based state sponsored hatred and ethnic cleansing with the right of Israel to exist.

    Zionism is an ideology which states Jews, and only Jews, have a right of return to a certain "holy land" based on their religious scriptures.

    The right of return of a select group of individuals to a certain place based solely upon their religious affliction is completely different than the right of a state to exist in that place.

    Therefore, the zionist movement CAN NOT be equated with the right of Israel to exist.

    Just like Nazism, Zionism is an Ideology based on ethnic cleansing, promotion of a superior ethnic class and religious discrimination. You are confused because the imprimatur of the zionist ideology is reflected by the zionists who control the govt. of Israel.

    Like nazism, zionism espouses ethnic exclusion and actively segregates ethnic groups into labor/death camps.

    The only difference between the two groups is zionists perform ethnic cleansing with the complicity and active funding from the greater zionist umbrella state ( US/UK/Canada/Australia )

    I do agree with you that the Zionist state is much larger than Israel itself. It includes nearly all western nations subjugated under the yoke of the pan-zionist movement.

    Let me note also that the most vocal anti-zionist movement are many rabbinical Jews sects who argue, correctly, that the God of the Torah has forever banned Jews from ever returning to their "holy land" because of prior transgressions against their God.

    The zionist/nazi movement is not only actively against all forms of human rights and human decency, but is also against the very religion most members of the movement allegedly belong to.

    Again, please don't lump all Jews as zionists. You are insulting them.
  7. Chinese immigration law gives priority to returning Overseas Chinese — ethnic Chinese who were living abroad.
    The Finnish Aliens Act provides for persons who are of Finnish origin to receive permanent residence.
    'All persons born in a foreign country and descending in any degree of a French man or woman are declared French nationals (naturels français) and will benefit to rights attached to that quality
    law allows persons of German descent living in Eastern Europe to return to Germany and claim German citizenship. ...
    "Foreign persons of Greek origin", who neither live in Greece nor hold Greek citizenship nor were necessarily born there, may become Greek citizens by enlisting in Greece's military forces

    You can define the word "zionism" anyway you choose, it's a free country where ignorance and stupidity are not punishable offenses but you must have missed the link to the official definition I posted above:

    Zionism: an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel

    That you choose to ignore existing proper and well-known definitions and try to redefine them to suit your antisemitic agenda just demonstrates your ignorance, hatred and desperation. Just because Hugo Chavez, you, Ahmadinejad and Hamas use the word "zionism" in a derogatory sense does not make it so.

  8. Ah yes, the hilarious tactics of painting the messenger with a broad brush when the message can not be refuted.

    zionism = Nazism = Racism, ethnic cleansing and everything else the nazis were known for.

    Short of gas chambers ( zionists may not use gas chambers, but they certainly do kill by bulldozing concentration camp dwellers houses), zionist ideology is exactly similar to the Nazi ideology.

    This fact is obvious to any unbiased observer of zionist policies.

    Those who take immense delight in perpetuating zionist policies have no right to condemn Hitler or the Nazis. Because these zionists are following exactly the same policies espoused by Hitler and the Nazi.

    The Chinese and others giving preference to ancestral ties ( as opposed to religious ties) is very different from the modern Nazi state of zionism giving preferential treatment to those with a particular religious affliction.

    zionist policy is based solely on religion, it is the only nation in the world where immigration qualification is based on religion. Only a ill-informed zionist would compare such a immigration policy with the right of return policies ( regardless of religion) of other nations.

    Another key point I would like to emphasize: zionists who immigrate into Israel have NEVER had any historical nor ancestral ties to the middle east.

    The majority of those moving into Israel have no ancestral ties to the land. These zionists are all uniformly asiatics of eastern european turkic decent converted during the 9th century. The term Khazari is a turkic term for "wanderers".
  9. While your rants are quite entertaining and provide a pretty good glimpse into the soul of a typical jew haters, they are predictably stupid, baseless, short on facts and specifics. Your nazi references sound like you've never heard of Goodwin's law, your liberal use of words like genocide and ethnic cleansing are probably based on the fact that the arab population in Palestine has more than quadrupled during the last 60 years.

    oh an btw:
    zionist policy is based solely on religion, it is the only nation in the world where immigration qualification is based on religion. Only a ill-informed zionist would compare such a immigration policy with the right of return policies ( regardless of religion) of other nations.
    Zionism was established by secular jews and the right of return has nothing to do with religion, it's based on the immigrant being jewish (just like the right of return to China is conditional on the immigrant being Chinese or the right of return to Germany is based on the immigrant being German). As far as jews are concerned, to be jewish - your mother has to be jewish. That's it, no other criteria exist, it has nothing to do with religion, jews for Jesus are welcome, so are millions of russian jewish atheists. The right of return to Israel is actually expanded to people who have at least one jewish grandparent and you don't have to get a referral from your rabbi or demonstrate your circumcision in order to make Aliya.

    Oh and your Khazari nonsense has been debunked so many times that it's not even funny any more, virtually all jewish population in Israel has a Y-chromosome available only among middle-easterners. More than half of Israel are refugees from the arab world and their descendants.

    So keep posting, your diatribes (together with your loaded screen name) provide an excellent value and entertainment to non-antisemitic members of this forum.
  10. Kid, you can pull all the opinion you want out of your ass. However, facts are facts.

    You attack the messenger because you have nothing to refute the message.

    The fact is you are a Nazi.

    The fact is your Nazi ideology is based on hatred and ethnic cleansing. (Note I do not even bother to use the term zionist. Let's call a spade a spade )

    How apt you keep on bringing up China as a stellar comparison for your Nazi philosophy. your comparison is accurate for the most part. Both states actively engage in and continue to perform horrendous, well documented, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    If you knew how to read your own Torah, you will find your own God banished you from the middle eastern lands.

    Keep on posting your asinine baseless retorts. Let the world see what a fool you are.
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