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  1. "Jews killed the Lord Jesus." See I Thessalonians 2:14-16.

    The New Testament makes it quite clear that it holds all the Jews alive then and now responsible for Jesus’ death -- not any particular group of Jews such as the Jewish Temple priests or the Pharisees, the orthodox rabbis of that time, that Jesus was in conflict with as Christian apologists have suggested after the Nazi Genocide, but ALL the Jews.

    “Then answered ALL THE PEOPLE, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.” Read Matthew 27:22-25.

    It clears Pontius Pilate of any wrongdoing (John 19:11) as well as the rest of the Romans, and only holds the Jews accountable for Jesus’ death (Acts 2:36) while at the same time the NT insists that it was the most wonderful thing for mankind to have an atonement through Jesus’ death which wouldn’t have been possible if the Jews didn’t commit deicide which begs the question as to why the NT condemns the Jews in the first place. They should have been praised by the Gospels for making this wonderful atonement possible for mankind instead. No dead Jesus — no atonement for mankind.

    Never mind that these condemnations are in stark contradiction to (Genesis 12:3) which is a part of the Christian canon. “And I will bless those who bless you, And those who curse you I will curse …”

    Consequently, because of these contradictions and numerous others in the Gospels many distinguished scholars on Christianity question their veracity to the point of not even believing that a Jesus as described in the Gospels ever existed, and was merely a figure that Saul (Paul) of Tarsus invented for the start of his heretical brand of Judaism which became Christianity. See Did A Historical Jesus Exist? http://nobeliefs.com/exist.htm

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    Hope your grasp of trading has more substance than your grasp of the scriptures! Misinformation like that breeds anti-Semitism of the worst kind.

    Here are the real clear facts from the New Testament…

    John 19:11 Jesus said to Pilate, the one who delivered Him unto Pilate had greater sin than Pilate… and you think that is clearing Pilate of all sin in this matter?
    V16 Pilate delivered Jesus up to be crucified… that’s the final record. He had authority to release Him but caved in to their demands. If you think that is absolving Pilate when he was the one person who could put a stop to it – somehow I don’t think so.

    Herod humiliated Jesus and sent Him back to Pilate as a laughing stock, the soldiers tortured Him at Pilate’s command, then crucified Him at Pilate’s command while the crowd cried, His blood be on us and our children. But you think their statement means the NT holds all Jews in all time and eternity guilty of Jesus death? That’s a bit of a stretch! You imply the NT doesn’t hold you, me and everyone else equally as guilty?

    Moreover the 1st thing we come face to face with is the NT response to these events. Rather than holding their guilt before God, Jesus prayed, Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.

    However the NT does make clear that we are all guilty of sin and by that single common fault we all made ourselves unwitting or deliberate enemies of God. Yet God reconciled us to Himself through Christ on the cross. Are Jews guilty – Oh yes! Just as guilty as you and me. To make the Jews alone guilty is to make salvation only available to Jews, as the Christ died for all our sins.

    The NT is littered with verses that explain how all have sinned, all have fallen, all are enemies of God, all have turned to our own ways, and that God arranged Christ’s death. The parties involved that day were the Jews and the Romans. And if they were not there I would have done it myself.

    Even to misuse the Communion Table is to be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord (1Cor11:27) so please, don’t say that the NT makes clear the Jews are alone are guilty. I am as guilty.

    Then after you think you have isolated the Jews as the eternal guilty party in the NT, you somehow mix up the Abrahamic Covenant with the Mosiac Covenant, and with another leap of imagination think the NT’s confronting of the Jews (but not only Jews) is somehow cursing them??

    You will not have to read far to find a zillion contradictions in the scriptures with this approach. Here’s another guy who blamed the Jews…

    When Hitler walked out [of a passion play] in 1934, he declared that "the whole world over should see... this Passion play, then they will understand why I despise the Jews and why they deserve to die."
  4. Jesus crucifixion:

    State assisted suicide
  5. Funny enough, while untrue, that's closer to the truth than the OP got.
  6. Yoohoo states: "Misinformation like that breeds anti-Semitism of the worst kind."

    I guess in your opinion Yoohoo the Crusades, Inquisition, the various pogroms during Christian history against the Jews up to the Nazi genocide were not sanctioned by the Church Fathers and New Testament or inspired by them.

    This is common knowledge.

    Please tell me in which cave you have been living all this time not to know this. I could use a place like that for my meditations in breeding bigotry against the Jews as you state.
  7. How is it possible to kill a ghost Mercor?

    Jesus never existed!

    He was just a figment of Paul's imagination. (See Did A Historical Jesus Exist? http://nobeliefs.com/exist.htm)
  8. Will you goddamn Abrahamics please shut the fuck up already? Your invisible friend is a boring asshole regardless of who's doing the storytelling, and the whole thing was ripped off from the Zoroastrians anyway.
  9. That's because you never attented a seminary as I was privileged to do.

    Paradoxes would be fine in the Gospels, but countless outright contradictions are indicative of a false belief system.
  10. Hey skinhead you are free to leave MY thread when you can't take it anymore.

    And by the way my name is Bernard not Abraham.

    Abraham was a man of peace. I am not as my name states!
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