Jews and Indians support Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by joshcohen, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Some worrying news. The Jews and Indians, who are the richest households in the USA, supported Obama by a huge majority in the last election.

    We need to spread the message to all fellow Jews that Obama hates Israel and to the Indians that Obama loves Pakistan.

    The Jews and Indians bankrolled Obama last time, and we need to prevent it this time.
  2. This is really worrying. The Jews and Indians are rich, and them bankrolling him could create an Obamanation.
  3. The strong take from he weak. The smart take from the strong.

    A strong Democrat base is easy pickens for the "smart" which in this case the Jewish and the Indians.
  4. Fair enough. I agree that the Jews are smart and rich. But we Jews are natural Republcans.

    But the Indians just get rich off motels and take American jobs by outsourcing. Also, whenever I meet an Indian, I end up smelling of curry. Also, Indians are terrorists, since many of them wept for bin laden. We should ask the Pakistanis to spend the billions we give em on buying weapons to attack India.