Jewish Voters Favor Obama Over Romney By A Huge Margin

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  1. it wasnt supposed to be this way. romney made chickenhawk noises against iran and he figured the jewish vote was in his pocket:

    Jewish Voters Favor Obama Over Romney By A Huge Margin

    HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. (RNS) Hilda Finkel has heard the Republican call that she should reconsider her support for President Barack Obama because he isn't sufficiently pro-Israel.

    She has heard GOP nominee Mitt Romney accuse Obama of "throwing Israel under bus." She has seen the billboards here in Broward County greeting Jewish voters with this plaintive message: "Oy vey Obama. Had enough yet?"

    But she is unswayed. "I am Jewish, and I care about Israel, but the most important question is jobs and the economy," Finkel, 94, said in an interview in this south Florida community. "I'm going with Obama."

    For all the efforts by the Romney campaign to court voters like Finkel, Obama's campaign is expressing growing confidence that they have been able to keep Jewish voters. According to the Gallup daily tracking poll between July 1 and Sept. 10, 70 percent of registered Jewish voters plan to vote for Obama vs. 25 percent for Romney. In the spring, polls showed Obama up 64-25 percent against a generic GOP candidate.
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    of course you left out the part about Obama losing a great deal of jewish support since 2008.

    Obama is at 70% now... he was at about 85% in 2008.

    With Romney being up with the jewish vote, leading with Independents... Romney is actually winning in Florida if you present polls with balanced samples.
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    Earlier you were bragging that the Catholics favor your candidate and now you're pissing your panties with excitement about the Jews supporting your candidate?

    :D :D You're the same guy posting multiple anti religious threads pretty much daily. Explaining to us mere mortals how only a non thinking fool could possibly be religious. But now you're giddy that these same people support Obama?
  4. If X is a number: X + 0 = X, and X + epsilon ~ X.

    So what is the objective of analyzing the effect of zero on X? The answer is ...
  5. So the thread title should be that Obama is losing the Jewish vote.
  6. When these mega-elderly, Jewish people were polled, did they really understand what was being asked of them? :confused: :eek: :p
  7. The article said he was at 74 % in 2008

    "Obama won by 74 percent to 21 percent over Sen. John McCain in 2008. "
  8. Jewish people are very smart,the fact that they support Obama by 70 % should should tell you righties something
  9. Mitt has to be wondering where it all went wrong :(
  10. He should ask his entourage, but I doubt they would have the courage to tell him the answer, because it could be: " You, sir", or "Your head, sir".
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