Jewish tax.

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Would a Jewish tax be a good idea.

  1. absolutely

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  2. no way.

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  1. We spend billions a year paying of arab countries to not attack Israel and billions a year in military costs etc..

    What do you guys think of a special Jewish Interests tax. It would be a special tax that would only be for the Jewish folks. This way they pay for protecting their own interests but not at our expense.
  2. 377OHMS


    You are an anti-semite and an ignorant jackass. Time to put you on ignore.
  3. It's more like paying to keep some degree of stability in the ME, so that oil doesn't get too expensive, for everyone... The notion that it's all simply to keep Israel safe is geopolitically ignorant.

  4. Not surprised by the kneejerk reaction and accusations about being an antisemite.

    If the Arab nations took Israel it would not impact our oil prices in the long term.

    We should tax because we spend quite a bit of money protecting the special interests of a specific minority group. Of course that discussion will never happen due to peoples fears of being labeled an anti semite.

    If we did the same thing to protect the vatican I would be the first to call for a catholic tax.
  5. And here's where the geopolitical ignorance comes in. Arab nations couldn't just "take Israel". About 6-7 of them tried at the same time to do so a few decades ago and got their asses whipped. It was in a few newspapers and books btw... surprised you weren't aware of that... Oil went thru the roof, prices of shipping and production across the board went up. It was hard for everyone. Most people don't want another dose of that.

    And that was just the optimistic scenario... If the Arabs actually started to win, and Israel felt it's survival was threatened, and unleashed it's (formidable) nuclear arsenal, naturally oil would quadruple, if not more... and that's just the start. That scenario would fuck you in ways you haven't even imagined. Most of the world desperately wants this region as peaceful as possible for obvious reasons.

    Further, it's not just Jews who attach religious significance to those lands and areas. The vast majority of Christians do as well... Remember that whole "crusades" thing? :D

  6. That whole scenario can happen at any moment with or without our taxpayer backstops.

    We need to make hard choices and get ourselves out of being the policemen for the entire world at our expense.

    If they want protection they can pay for it. We are being sucked dry spending so much money to protect all these special minority interests.

    Japan should build it's own army, South Korea should protect it's own border etc..

    We will survive, it will be rough short term but in the long term we will be better off worrying about our own soil and let the rest of the world sort it out.

    It is a joke that we are protecting the NK/SK border but not our own border with Mexico.
  7. During Fiscal Year 2009, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.2 million per day in military. (View Sources & More Information)

    The same military arsenal that was used to kill American and European citizens
  8. God is with whoever is with Israel. Havent you all noticed that since we started supporting Israel our country has prospered by leaps and bounds and the enemies of Israel keep hitting new lows of poverty? We've gone to the moon, we've prospered technologically with the internet, people who live below the poverty line here live better than 80% of the rest of the world, everyone has a car and TV...ect. We have some of the best medical facilities, we live longer than most of the world....

    No need to tax the Jewish people because God gives us his blessing which is worth more than money.

    Of course Obama is in office now, and he's starting to screw with Israel a bit which is why we are seeing the problems starting here...
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    Love it! Just love it! A zionist trying to convince Americans that it is good to be submissive servants to the chosen ones. Just love it!

    Yeah guys, if it wasn't for israel, you would've not gone to the moon!

    Praise the lord!
  10. The Middle Eastern governments NEED Israel!!! The governments of the ME use "Israel is the enemy" to control many of the adherents of the "religion of peace" (aka "mindless cattle"). The adherents to the "religion of peace" APPEAR to want democracy...but, democracy to many of them is, "Kill anything not of our religion." Just follow the Nazi propaganda lines: "Vilify your enemy - dehumanize your enemy! Focus your subjects away from what you do!" Just fill in the blank and see if you can see the propaganda:

    ________ are the children of pigs and apes.

    If you can answer that question with any race/creed/religion, then you have a great propaganda tool and way to control your population!

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